7 Tips for Decorating and Furnishing a Small Study Room

7 Tips for Decorating and Furnishing a Small Study Room

Posted by Helen Birk on 22nd Jun 2021


The less time you spend looking for books, making yourself comfortable, and dealing with external noise the more time you'll have for work, and you’ll find your focus much easier. To set your study just the way you need it you have to take some time to move a few things around, choose study room wallpapers you like, and install an addition or two but it’s undoubtedly beneficial for your productivity.

We analyzed the most common elements that connect the studies of highly successful students and came up with a few pieces of advice we wish to share with you.

Eliminate external noise

Traffic, by-passers, wind, or kids playing in the street can create noise that can become unsustainable and constantly distract you from your work. Getting soundproof windows is the most elegant option, however, it is also the most expensive defense against noise. In case you’re running on a lower budget, window seals could absorb some of the noise.

Combining seals, thick drapes, and study room wallpapers can help further noise reduction, but there is always an option of playing some classical tunes as a background and there are a lot of playlists on YouTube.

Set up a stable internet connection

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Since most of the academic work is conducted online, a stable and secure internet connection can prevent losing a chance to hear from someone who wanted to buy a college essay research information or acquire some other sort of assignment help. Furthermore, while Wi-Fi seems elegant, it’s always good to keep a cable connection operational because Wi-Fi signals can sometimes experience issues if there are a lot of devices that use radiofrequency close by.

Make sure your furniture is designed for long hours of sitting

While most chairs and sofas appear comfortable or feel comfortable as you try them on in the store, you have to imagine sitting in one position for hours in that chair. Make sure you have large soft cushions or mattress which will take hours in the same position comfortable. And while looking for comfort, don`t forget about aesthetic side of the problem, pay attention to picking the best study room wallpapers and study wall art ideas in order to get the best of both worlds.

And remember, your comfort dictates your blood circulation and helps your brain get enough blood and operate in its optimal performance.

White Panelling Wallpaper

Secure seamless light adjustment

Windows 10 offers automatic screen dimming in night conditions to preserve your eyesight. However, if your room is too bright, you’ll still squint your eyes while reading which can lead to a headache during the long-term study.

To secure optimal light conditions you could use adjustable light bulbs, some of them come with remote control for added comfort. In addition to this, the right study wall art ideas could bring a needed balance to the room light. Also, consider using a lamp since it's mobile and allows you to set it just where you need it.

Make custom bookshelf

Spending money on a bookshelf is just a waste of money you could spend on books or getting some other piece of furniture or a bookshelf wallpaper you need. Making a custom bookshelf is a cheap and creative project that you can show off to your friends and upgrade as you see fit as new books start coming in. There’s also the option of applying a bookshelf wallpaper that would give your learning space a more soothing and elegant note.

You could probably get some old boards and leftovers at any sawmill or even find some around the house. Yes, it can be something simple, but with the help of bookshelf wallpaper, it can become a real design masterpiece. Nails and supports are cheap and available at any hardware store, but this is also something you might have picking dust around the house.

Vintage Bookshelf Wallpaper

Keep sufficient oxygen supply

As we breathe the room oxygen supply gets less saturated and we become sleepy, it becomes difficult to focus and we fall behind with our work. Therefore, it’s important to keep a sufficient supply of fresh air at all times. Get a plant and place it in the corner of your room and it will produce oxygen for you night and day. An additional benefit is that plants improve mood and serve as a nice decoration.

Organize your furniture

It’s important you have everything you need at your disposal and having too many pieces of furniture in your room could get in your way. Also, try getting furniture without lids so you could always have a clear view of the content of each draw or table element.

Try using labels to organize your books, research materials, and other items that you might need for the study. You don't want to spend hours looking for notebooks you need for homework.


These were some of the best pieces of advice we had to share with you. It’s important to organize your workspace to stay productive, but you can also look for some interesting study wall art ideas for extra vibrancy. We hope these tips will help you make your study perfect for you.

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