6 Top Living Room Decor Trends of 2024

6 Top Living Room Decor Trends of 2024

Posted by Mineheart on 20th Feb 2024

In addition to the many significant renovations that may have been done, people consider how their living rooms functioned and how it made them feel to sit in them for such a long period. From highly functional to actual living elements, here are the five top living room trends of 2024.

1. Layers Upon Layers for On-Trend Living Room Style

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After a decade of the minimalism and “less is more” mentality, maximalism is rearing its trendy head when it comes to our living spaces. With everyone staying home now more than ever, our rooms should be filled with memories. Statement pieces that are topics of conversations and stories about a life well lived are what it’s all about.

To start creating this look, begin by adding layers, patterns, and textures to your decor. A neutral rug with a brightly patterned smaller rug on top, interesting bookends, or an oversized gallery wall is an excellent place to start. An alternative to hanging framed artwork on the wall; try leaning them slightly overlapped on a shelving unit instead.

2. Stunning Technology Is Trending for Living Room Decor

Gold King Edison Grande Pendant Lamp

Smart home tools have been all the rage in recent years. With the advent and improvement in technology, many have added virtual assistants and smart home devices to their daily lives. This technology is bridging over into decor to make style choices both accessible and limitless.

You can now add electric fireplace heater to your space that’s safe for kids and easy to light. With realistic flames and crackling sounds, it’s just like sitting by a real fire. However, it’s easily turned on by the touch of the button. And with Bluetooth technology, your new fireplace will automatically update, giving you even more realistic flames and additional settings and choices.

LED lighting is one of the most powerful mood-setting tools around. Integrate these eco-friendly lights in your living room for the ultimate flexibility. By changing the hue or brightness, you can instantly transform the look of your space. Plus, when they are connected to your smart home technology, you can adjust their settings from anywhere.

3. Multi-functional Living Room Furniture is in Style

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Homes are now doubling up as offices, gyms, and daycare centers. With that comes the need for more functionality in less square footage. “Multi-purposed furniture is a growing trend because as we continue into quarantine, we are all rethinking how we use our living spaces,” saysdesigner Rasheeda Gray. “We need spaces that are flexible and can accommodate work when needed.”

Find a storage ottoman to house toddler toys, a fun antique desk tucked under a window, and even a fold-up treadmill and hand weights to fit in an unused corner space. When finding and using multi-functional furniture, a living room space doesn’t have to feel cluttered.

4. Strong Colors Mixed With Neutrals to Create a Stylish Living Space

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Neutral colors will always reign as number one when it comes to home decor. A serene environment has always been the ultimate goal in what people want to go home from work to. But now that the population has been without outside entertainment, everyone is ready for that pop of color and fun at home.

The color green is having a major moment right now, and natural wood tones are back in style with a vengeance. Try finding a painted two-toned end table to fill these design elements in one. A gallery wall will always let you work a lot of fun pieces in your place easily, but don’t discount the power of a large piece of statement art. Maybe even test out your space with a mural or a focus wall of peel and stick wallpaper, which is having a major moment too!

5. On-Trend Natural Elements for Your Living Room

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“As we are all yearning for more time outside, the ability to ‘bring the outside in’ with palettes from nature will be calming and soothing for us all,” designer Gemma Parker says. “Finding ways to bring in more natural light and layer different types of light within a space can really transform a room.”

Perform a quick search on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or any of your favorite social media sites, and you’ll find dozens of references for bohemian homes full of natural elements. Bohemian style is not only a hodgepodge of bright patterns and fabrics anymore. The modern boho style infuses jewel tones with natural elements in a vibrant and classy way.

Sharing groups showcasing rattan and wicker extravagance of the 1970s have thousands of members bragging about their finds. Even a quick stroll through Target and Walmart, and you can score these trendy pieces. If you do not have the space for a grand Peacock or Papasan Chair, incorporating a wicker framed mirror into your gallery wall or a rattan plant stand next to your favorite chair is an easy way to bring this look to life.

6. Plants, Plants, and (Need We Say) Even More Plants

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If you haven’t caught onto the houseplant craze, then you may be living under a rock. While every era had its fair share of houseplant trends, the popularity seemed to die down some in the 1990s and 2000s. But now, with more and more people showing their lives in tiny beautiful pictures on social media, indoor plants have become all the rage once again. Take a look at Instagram hashtags, and you’ll find hundreds of variations and millions of pictures tagged.

Self-proclaimed “plant parents” have even been gathering for swaps and bartering for new plants using their personal cuttings. Instead of driving to the local hardware store, there are now boutique house plant shops with experts in the field to help. Houseplants are not going anywhere soon.

Besides being aesthetically pleasing, The Psychological benefits of having plants in the home include lower stress levels, increased worker productivity, and improved mood. Let’s face it; everyone could use a good dose of that after the last year.

Even those who may have had a “brown thumb” in the past are keen to try their hand at growing succulents, which are easy to care for. Larger leafy plants, such as a Monstera, add a sense of escapism and are grand statements to add to a space.

Comfort is the Ultimate Living Room Design Trend

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Trends may come and go, but one thing will always remain, a living room should be comfortable above all else. Living rooms are where we all go to relax and unwind, and with all the stress of 2023, our psyches need that one space to let it all go. Comfortable furniture doesn’t necessarily need to be the overstuffed arms of couches of the 1990s. It can come in smaller, more timeless packages with our other top 5 trends mixed in.

Adding a piece of each of these elements can be possible in nearly any home and on any budget. When choosing from this list of living room decor trends, you will need to use your imagination to understand which design will be the best choice for your home. This can be a fun process if you use your creativity to produce the best results.