6 Mistakes to Avoid on Your Home Renovation

6 Mistakes to Avoid on Your Home Renovation

Posted by Joseph on 25th Nov 2021

Home renovations can be both exciting and stressful. There is a lot for homeowners to consider every step of the way, from the budget and contractor all the way down to the wall art. While many start their home renovation journey with an air of elation, all too often, frustration rears its head during the process. To make the most of your project, discover six mistakes to avoid on your home renovation:

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1. Focusing Only on the Aesthetics

It's exciting to focus on the aesthetic aspect of your home during a renovation, but it's more important to consider functionality. For example, you might love the look of a large kitchen island, but if your space is small, it simply may not be practical. Instead, keep the use of space at the forefront and work around your needs. There will be plenty of time to add components that later aid in the overall aesthetics, such as paint, lighting, or wallpaper.

2. Not Considering Return on Investment

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Whether your home renovation is conducted with the intent to sell in the near future or simply to enhance your living space, be sure to consider the return on investment. All too often, homeowners invest thousands of dollars in home renovations and upgrades that simply do not pay off when they sell their homes. As reported in Remodeling Magazine's 2020 Cost Versus Value Report, minor kitchen upgrades tend to pay off more than luxury ones. While granite countertops may seem like a necessity, you may see more return on your investment with a material that costs less. Not to say that you should skip certain upgrades that you desire; however, be sure to keep in mind that the money may not be wholly recouped when it comes time to sell.

3. Buying Furniture and Home Decor Before the Project is Done

Buying luxury furniture, adding wallpaper, or installing contemporary lighting is one of the more exciting aspects of a home renovation. While it's OK to browse for home decor in the midst of the project, many homeowners make the mistake of purchasing these items too soon. This can result in inaccurate measurements for cabinets, inadequate amounts of wallpaper, or lighting fixtures that hang too low. Instead, wait until the project is finished before furnishing and decorating your renovated space. This will save a lot of frustration and money in the long run.

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4. Taking on Too Many or Complicated D.I.Y. Projects

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Homeowners are always looking for ways to save money, and the result is often D.I.Y. projects. While it's OK to take on some tasks around your home (like installing gutter guards or adding a backsplash), be sure to carefully consider your D.I.Y. experience, the time available to dedicate to the project, and your comfort level before beginning. All too often, homeowners attempt to tackle tasks beyond their skill level to save money, and having the resulting damages repaired ends up costing more than hiring a professional from the start. Generally, you should leave any projects involving plumbing, electricity, HVAC systems, or major renovations (like knocking down walls) to the professionals.

5. Not Researching Contractors Thoroughly

It can be tempting to hire the first contractor that seems capable of undergoing your home renovation project. You're likely eager to get started, and their estimate falls in line with your budget. Despite this, there are a plethora of factors that you should consider before hiring a contractor. Firstly, you should always ask for references and reach out to them to learn more about the contractor's work. Likewise, consider the contractor's personality, schedule, and research their online reviews. It's also crucial to inquire about their experience to learn if they can meet your expectations, along with questions about materials and their overall process. Fleshing out these details before hiring a contractor can eliminate many issues you may encounter throughout the home renovation process.

6. Having Unrealistic Expectations

One of the common errors homeowners make when starting a home renovation project is that their expectations are simply unrealistic. This can be related to the project itself, the budget, or the timeline. Many homeowners watch home renovation television shows that lead them to believe that you can complete large projects in a matter of days with a relatively meager budget. In these scenarios, it's important to remember that professional crews often work around the clock (and with the magic of television) to make this seem to happen so quickly.

While you may be able to take on a simple project like installing gutter covers over the course of a weekend, realistically, most home renovations take several weeks or even months to complete. This process also includes a lot of planning, budgeting, and securing permits. Keep this in mind before beginning a home renovation project, and ensure that you'll be comfortable if the renovation takes a little longer than expected due to any unforeseen circumstances.

By avoiding these six common home renovation mistakes, homeowners can ensure that their projects progress smoothly and that the results meet their expectations.