2024 Home Décor Colour Trends with a Focus on Wall Art

2024 Home Décor Colour Trends with a Focus on Wall Art

15th Mar 2024

The Contemporary Art and Interior Trends 2024

Is your home regularly changing? Do you feel like replacing the  wallpaper, or rearranging the furniture every once in a while? Well, your home is the one place that you can be authentic. It’s the one place you can express yourself. Your taste and preferences change as you go through different experiences in life. It’s, therefore, no surprise that your home is evolving along with the seasons in your life.

Home colour trends are constantly changing and evolving. The latest trends are influenced by what is happening in the world. Colour trends from the past few years, for example, have been heavily influenced by minimalism and environmental awareness. A large number of people emphasise on natural elements and neutral tones.

You can expect wall art décor trends in 2024 to be even more restrained. There is also more emphasis on minimalism and nature. However, there are also a few surprises that the New Year promises. You may see some bold, creative, and daring interiors. Some wall decor trends from 2023 may also remain well into the year.

We have combined what we predict the wall art trends 2024 will look like, combined with 2024 home colour trends and how is best to style these together for a fresh yet luxury eclectic home.

Puzzle Collection

Puzzle Art Collection

1. Muted tones for the colour trends

Minimalism will continue to guide the interior design philosophy in 2024, including  wall art décor. While we’ll still see some bright colours, we expect to see a shift towards more muted tones. We expect bold colours such as the bright pinks and ruby reds to make way for their more toned-down counterparts such as dusty rose and faded terracotta.

The 2024 palette will be more toned down yet exude a luxurious feel with its earthy touch that is nostalgic of the art deco and disco feel of the 70s.

Submerged Wall art Collection

Submerged Wall art Collection

2. Earthy neutral tones house colour trends

We expect to see more of the earthy and neutral tones in 2024. These soft and sophisticated tones provide a warm and calming environment. They’ll continue to exhibit the background tone for many homes.

Colours running from biscuit and soft grey to warm coral and muddy lavender proceed to lead the charge in creating a relaxing space with a touch of luxury. They are the perfect palette for those looking for a simple interior. These colours provide a fabulous backdrop for the minimalist interior.

Queen Wall art

3. Large bold art trends

While minimalism will continue to guide the general home décor colour philosophy in 2024, there will be a shift towards large and bold prints. 2024 promises to bring back a touch of the maximalist where more is more.

Don’t be surprised to see some bold, fun, and imaginative wall prints. We anticipate vibrant coloured wall art for living room spaces. You’ll see wallpaper with unusual patterns and shapes complimented by striking art pieces made from unlikely materials. Wallpaper promises to be the modern wall art for 2024. Some emerging designs you may come across include large leaf prints, geometric shapes in bold colours, and even simple line art.

The Orange Pencil Canvas

4. Luxurious green and blue paint colour trends

These colours are set to be a big hit in 2024. Ocean hues and deep forest greens inspired by nature work well for every room.

Ocean tones running from blue-green to deep blue will make a splash in interiors. These tones create a sense of calm, adventure, and warmth. They are the ideal backdrop for incorporating furniture and wall art prints from any era. Whether your style is retro, eclectic, traditional, or modern, these shades will be right on the money for modern wall decor.

When it comes to decorating your home, we recommend that you go for a colour that is tried and true. This colour trend is one that has been around for a few years and promises to be here for a few more. You simply can’t go wrong with it.

A Breach Between Dimensions Framed Printed Canvas

5. Water colour art trends

Wallpapers featuring painterly designs will continue to be a big hit well into 2024. We expect to see patterns ranging from over-blown prints to micro prints. These wallpapers will give a fresh and modern touch to any interior. The modern wall art pieces include rich pigments done with evocative brushstrokes. They provide a touch of whimsical elegance while creating a warm and inviting environment.

These watercolour designs offer the perfect backdrop to various interior décor styles. Use them for a statement wall or as a backdrop on all four walls. Textured wallpaper provides an even more dramatic touch.

Mixed Graffiti Over Collection

Graffiti Over Collection

Which colour will you choose for your home?

Still Life collection By Himitsuhana

Changing the wallpaper in your home is a great way to create a new look and feel in your home. 2024 promises even more creativity in terms of colours and designs. We hope to see even more rules broken, and therefore more opportunity for innovation in interiors.

Find the pattern, colour, and design that suits you best. Consider some of the colours and designs suggested above for wall art prints to set the theme for your home’s new look.