11 Ways to Completely Revamp Your Living Room

11 Ways to Completely Revamp Your Living Room

Posted by Mineheart on 4th May 2021

Several are the reasons for seeking change, varying from new beginnings, life milestones, or boredom that comes routine. Since the living room is the very first impression made on guests, you might be looking for some design ideas to bring it back inline with your life.

Also, according to founder and creative director of D.Signers Group, Zahira Cury:

“The living room is one of the most important rooms in your home, because it's where you spend quality time with your family and friends. Your space should always be properly designed and accommodated to your personal taste and need!”

zahira cury

Zahira Cury is an Architect, Interior and Lighting Designer and stylist with over 83K followers on her personal Instagram account (@zahiracury), and more than 249K subscribers on the D.Signers YouTube channel.

Here are 11 different ways to get creative and completely revamp your living room from our specialists, and inspired by Cury’s "Living Room Essentials Must Have" checklist:

1. Be “all in”

Sometimes in order to revamp you just want to turn the place upside down! As long as you have the energy, and a reasonable budget, go for it! However, even when you hold all the aces, you must take some time for planning and organization of your decorating ideas ideas: whether or not to hire a specialist in Interior Design (and steal that magazine cover look!), or to conduct the heavy work by yourself...

That time spent on those decisions will help you prevent loss of resources and further complications on building the living room desired.

renovate the living room

Photo by Milivoj Kuhar

2. Change the walls around you

An astonishing before/after result does not always come from drastic overhauls. One of the ways of achieving a sense of renovation is to change the background of your living room: decorating your walls.

Either hanging a new portrait, poster, or a modern wallpaper, will certainly bring transformation to the environment.

White Panelling Wallpaper

Picture of the White Panelling Wallpaper taken by customer Tracey G. in her living room.

3. Invite something living to the room

As designer Zahira Cury says: “Every living room needs to have something that’s alive in it.” Thus, that is the first essential item every living room should include. Succulent plants are a great option for indoor spaces as a form of reconnecting with nature.

That greener touch can be simply a detail, or a more dominant aspect of the room revamp: a whole biophilic design. In other words, you can redesign your living room with more natural elements, in order to strengthen your connection with nature itself.

In fact, several are the benefits provided by this type of design. In Zahira’s words: “Biophilic designs can reduce stress, enhance creativity and clarity of thought, improve our well-being and expedite healing.” Further, the architect declares that “these natural elements will provide a positive impact on your mind and soul.” No reasons not to try it!

biophilic design

Biophilic detail: photo by Nick Hillier

reconnect us with nature

“Biophilia is a ‘love of life or living systems’. They are spaces that reconnect us with nature.” (Zahira) - photo by Severin Candrian

4. Seat back and relax

When searching for living room ideas, the first piece of furniture that pops up is definitely the sofa. Even in small living rooms it's essential. Some would argue a living room without a settee is the equivalent to a kitchen without an oven or fridge. Since choosing the somewhat star of the room can be difficult, what is the indispensable criterion to think of when acquiring a new sofa?

Zahira asserts that you must have, first and foremost, “a comfortable sofa”. You must be aware of your style and needs when selecting an adequate sofa. But it won’t feel right if not comfortable for you!

comfortable kermit on sofa

(A very comfortable Kermit) Photo by Marcela Rogante

Grey Velvet Sofa with Graffiti Graphic

Comfortable and stylish: picture of the Grey Velvet Sofa with Graffiti Graphic

5. Cushion addi(c)tion

A sofa could be empty or not comfortable enough without some pillows thrown over it. Not only are cushions cozy, they are also, in Zahira’s terms, “a wonderful opportunity to bring in different colors, textures, and patterns without making a large commitment and are ideal to add warmth and contrast into the space, which can help you achieve the interior design style that you’re looking for.”

Those square, round, big or small – truly shaped in infinite ways – accessories may be just the exact combination missing out on your living room revamp.

Air is not enough cushion

Picture of the Air is not enough cushion taken by customer Erin B.

Blink Cushion

Picture of the Blink Cushion

6. Something at the centre

Right next to the sofa, a coffee (or preferably tea) table is something that actually defines the living room. Getting a table with the right colour and design, will help balance other pieces of furniture and complete the room.

coffee table beside the sofa

A coffee table looks charming both beside the sofa, and in the centre of the room (photo by Adam Winger)

7. Mirror mirage

In Zahira Cury’s checklist she states the following:

“Mirrors are an accessory that add a great style and elegance to any living space. A strategically placed mirror can even trick the eye into making a room feel larger than its actual size, it can boost the sense of space in a room while refreshing it. Mirrors go well over fireplaces, behind sofas, or even standing against the wall”.

On one of her Highlights on Instagram, Zahira also points out a ‘trend alert’ for ‘round mirrors’. According to the beautifully illustrated post, round mirrors:

  • will act as an unexpected element that will add interest to your space
  • help break up the rigidity of the space
  • are practical and stylish
  • reflect light, making the space appear larger, open brighter and airy

Why not follow this expert’s opinion and hang one on your living room?

Round mirror home decor

Corner of mirror-expansion (photo by Cat Han)

hang a round mirror

Photo by Milada Vigerova

8. Add a vase

In case you have decided to adopt some biophilic practices, a ‘bold vase’ could be another way of redesigning your living room. Vases can be both an item of decoration themselves or combined with floral arrangements and different plants. They are, like the coffee table, a perfect accessory to promote a good balance.

vases ideas

Two different vases ideas (photos by Paul Hanaoka(left) and P Tvz(right))

9. Change what you already own

Imagine the following: a chair you adore, and practically hugs you when used, because you have sat there for hours, reading your favourite novels, or caressing your cat/dog (thit scenario could be adapted to a cabinet, table, or any other piece of furniture you love)... But for some reason (possibly time), the colours of that chair have become weary. You are not ready to let that thing go, but you feel the urge to innovate! What do you do?

In that case, you might prefer getting your hands dirty, if you are the DIY type. Then, you could spray paint that piece of furniture and give it a whole new look. And say you did it by yourself! If you never liked artistic endeavours, no one should judge you for looking for help from someone specialised.

10. Something all YOU

A living room, whilst being a place where you receive guests for coffee, tea etc, must be a place that looks and feels ‘homey’, and Zahira Cury's condition for that is to “include something personal”. According to her, it is extremely important to have a highlighted item in your living room that is “personal and meaningful to you and your family”.

No matter if it is a piece of art, a floor lamp, your books collection, a feature wall with photographs or any other accessory or souvenir you hold dear, it should be an item that tells your story and no one else's. As Zahira adds in conclusion: “This is what will define your living room from everyone else’s and make the room unique to your home and make you feel in your personal space.”

Annie Spratt Painting

Photo by Annie Spratt

11. Get a rug

Another lovely touch to your living room is the use of a comfortable rug, or as Zahira calls it ‘an interior dream’. To her: “a comfortable mat that goes easy on your feet is what every living room craves.” For us it’s the final touch in cozy living.

The designer notices that knowing the rug’s material is essential. You should look for a soft and nicely textured one. Also, consider a pattern or colour that matches with the style of the living room. You might even want to pick something bold and make it the focal point of the room.

Mosaic Statue Rug

An artistic pattern possibility (picture of the Mosaic Statue 1 Rug)

Blue and white rug

Blue and white patterned rug (Photo by The Creative Exchange)