10 Modern Wallpaper Design Ideas for 2024

10 Modern Wallpaper Design Ideas for 2024

3rd Feb 2024

Wallpaper has been making a comeback over the years, and with modern wallpaper designs, it’s become one of the most popular wall treatments. It’s not just the new prints and broader colour choices that have got people excited, but also the wide variety of textures that help to create an environment that appeals to more senses.

Designers have turned up the heat in 2024 with unique floral prints and bold geometric patterns. The market is also seeing an increase in modern wallpaper designs stressing botanical-inspired prints. Textures are an essential feature in the 2024 market and are being used widely to create a new angle of interest.

Many of the modern wallpaper designs in 2024 borrow from traditional designs. Therefore they feature more of the traditional colours and designs.

Here are some modern wallpaper design ideas you should consider incorporating in your décor.

Floral Prints

These are not the prints that your grandma had on her wall back in the day. These prints are large and bold. There are also smaller floral prints that are Asian-inspired. These prints feature colours ranging from bold tones to pastel shades. These floral prints are a popular feature in modern bedroom wallpaper.

Tropical prints

These include jungle prints, palm leaves, and other botanical-inspired prints. These prints are a great way to bring a touch of nature into your home. They are available in a multitude of colours and designs. These versatile prints are becoming a popular choice for modern commercial wallpaper as well as residential applications. They provide the perfect backdrop for almost any interior.

Metallic prints

If you’re looking for modern luxury wallpaper, go for a metallic print. These feature anything from solid gold wallpaper to wallpaper with metallic accents such as gold stripes or silver geometric shapes. The shiny metal accents create interest. They also serve to reflect light and therefore brighten a room up.

These wallpapers are versatile. Use them for any interior.

Hand-printed wallpapers

These are emerging trends to graphic designs that add a personalised touch to the home. They provide a whimsical touch yet still maintain the level of maturity required for use in different rooms and environments. These designs are a playful take to graphic designs. They add a fun touch to any space, making them the perfect design for any room in the home. They are especially excellent as modern bedroom wallpaper or modern commercial wallpaper depending on the business.

Whimsical prints

Add a playful touch to your décor with these fanciful modern wallpaper designs. These designs include forest or farm life alongside floral accents. The prints appeal to the child within all of us while still adding a touch of luxury.

Many modern whimsical patterns come with up to three colours. They, therefore, aren’t too overwhelming and can create a sense of cohesion in any interior.

Retro prints

If you’re looking for a way to add colour and fun to your décor, retro wallpaper is the way to go. These throwback wallpapers get inspiration from the past but feature modern colours and geometric shapes. The prints are minimalistic, thus ensuring that they can blend into other styles more easily.

These prints are perfect for adding a touch of flair with repeated designs. They make the perfect wallpaper for dining rooms and powder rooms. If you dare, you can also consider them as modern living room wallpaper ideas for a statement wall.

Royal colours

If you’re looking for modern living room wallpaper ideas, you should start with wallpapers in colours such as emerald green, teal, navy blue, and plum. These colours are great for creating a comfortable and intimate space. Use them to create an accent wall or to cover all walls in the place. They will make any space feel more like home. They are also great as conversation starters.


These wallpapers feature constellations, stars as well as astrological signs. They have been popular over the past few years as modern bedroom wallpaper. However, they are now being used in other areas of the house as they now incorporate more modern colours and design elements. A dark blue background complemented with light-coloured accents makes for the perfect accent wall.

Textured wallpaper

Colour and patterns aren’t the only way to add interest to your walls. Textured wallpaper will have your guests talking for hours. These wallpapers give you the ability to mimic any texture you like. You can create a wall with intricate tile work wood or cement finishing in a matter of minutes. This would also be at a fraction of the cost that would be required to install the real thing.

Textured wallpapers mimic different surfaces and come in different colours. Some wallpapers even come with fancy prints and are great for transitional spaces.

Abstract prints

These minimal prints continue to create the backdrop for inspired interiors. The creative shapes and textures add a touch of character without drawing too much attention to the wall. They are perfect for abstract walls entryways hallways or mudrooms.

There’s a lot more choice when it comes to wallpaper designs, colours, and textures in 2024. Hopefully, the modern wallpaper samples offered above will inspire you when choosing your interior.