Why we love the 2021 Pantone Colours: Ultimate Grey and Illuminating Yellow

Posted by Mineheart on 17th Mar 2021

Why we love the 2021 Pantone Colours: Ultimate Grey and Illuminating Yellow

Every year Pantone announces its ‘Colour of Year’ - tuning in to fashion, pop culture, film, travel, socio-economic conditions, and many more trends to decide the most appropriate shade for the next 12 months.

This year the brand has broken with tradition and announced a pairing of two contrasting shades: Ultimate Grey and Illuminating Yellow.

(photo courtesy of Pantone)

Who are Pantone?

The Pantone Colour Institute is a US company founded in 1963 when Lawrence Herbert created a system to identify specific colours for the print and textile design industries. The Pantone Matching System was initially a book standardising colours and shades.

Since then, Pantone has created many tools that help designers in any field ensure that the colours they are using are exactly what they want, in any format. It’s used in printing, textile design, interiors and much more.

Why Ultimate Grey and Illuminating Yellow for 2021?

In announcing the Pantone Colours of the Year for 2021, the company described them as:

"A marriage of colour conveying a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting."

In the context of the global pandemic this is a powerful vision. It’s both a recognition of the greyness of the last 12 months and a vision of hope for the future.

Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Colour Institute went on to say: “Each colour has their own emotional aspect, the grey being the one that’s more supportive and solid, the practical foundation that we need, and the yellow is about hopefulness and sunshine and good cheer.”

What influence do the Pantone colours for 2021 have?

Every year the Pantones of the year have a wide ranging impact on all kinds of colour trends, from the fashion catwalks through new clothing and beauty trends to interior design and even artworks.

Trendalytics’ article on the Pantone colours of the year gives a sense of how Ultimate Grey and Illuminating Yellow have been used already this year.

The Pantone Colour of the Year initiative is generally about celebrating colour and inspiring new and innovative thinking from designers around the world.

Picture credit: Jack D March

What do the Pantone colours for 2021 mean for Interior Design?

Grey has been massive in interior design for around a decade, because it is such a versatile base shade that hints at natural elements that goes with everything. Meanwhile Pantone’s celebrated shade of yellow is certainly mood-enhancing and energetic.

According to Insider magazine, the secret of these shades is a ‘less is more’ approach. A full feature wall of Illuminating bright yellow colour will certainly be eye catching, but yellow hues can sometimes have a negative effect. Some people’s skin tones are not flattered by yellow light, for example.

The consensus is that this year’s Pantone shades work best as an accent feature: Illuminating Yellow is an ideal pop of colour, whether that be as a cushion or fabric, furniture or a partial feature wall.

yellow panel wallpaper

What’s Mineheart’s take on the Pantone colours?

Here at Mineheart we welcome anything a little out of the ordinary. So we love the fact that Pantone has decided to choose two colours this year.

We’re also on board with the rationale behind the decision. The past 12 months have been some of the most challenging in our memories. To us, the grey can reflect people’s moods over long months of lockdown - but also the stable and important foundations on which recovery is built.

Staying at home and following the rules has ultimately meant we have been able to look forward to a brighter, Illuminating future.

On a less profound note, we really love a bright colour, and jumped at the chance to pick up the 2021 colours in some of our most-loved products.

Ultimate Grey and Illuminating Yellow Wall Art

Submerged ultimate greySubmerged wall art Illuminating Yellow

Our first move was to introduce two new options on our much-loved Submerged collection. This collaboration between Y&B and digital artist Kirin Young submerges their subjects in the paint that immortalises them.

These images are visually inspired by the 'colour field' paintings of the 1950s and 1960s by artists including Mark Rithko and Barnett Newman. They are a great example of the tongue-in-cheek Mineheart approach, blending the traditional and serious with something a little more playful.

Ultimate Grey and Illuminating Sculptures

A 3D object is a very effective way to introduce a focal point into your room, and some of Mineheart’s ornaments are enormously popular as a result.

This year we have created new 2021 Pantone colour options on our bestselling ornaments, Princess Flaminia, Brother Stanwick and Grandfather Olaf.

Yellow flamingo figurineGrey stag figurineYellow owl figurine

Princess Flaminia is the most regal flamingo you will ever meet. Designed originally as a piece of playful artwork by Angela Rossi, she is a member of an exclusive animal nobility.

She has since become a design for a cushion and a 3D sculpture now available in white, pink, grey and yellow.

Brother Stanwick also started life on canvas, depicted in a beautiful green military jacket and cravat. He is a very noble stag, proud of his impressive antlers. His 3D ornament self makes an impressive statement for any desk, occasional table or mantlepiece, and is available in white, blue/green, ultimate grey and illuminating yellow.

Meanwhile Grandfather Olaf holds perhaps even higher status in a home. He is a wise and majestic owl, highly decorated with medals under his velvety black and red jacket.

With the addition of the new yellow pantone edition, Olaf’s figurine now comes in four options, the others being black, blue or white.

More grey and yellow Mineheart designs

If a co-ordinating grey would be a great look for your space, or you like the idea of a pop of yellow, there are some other unique Mineheart designs that might just be the perfect choice.

First up is Orb of Pleasure Yellow Man, one of many portrait designs where the main focus of the artwork - the face - is obscured. We love how this image makes your mind wander, creating your own range of features for the missing visage.

Orb of Pleasure Yellow ManYellow mark canvas

Or, could the Yellow Mark framed canvas be the perfect blend of classic and modern to complement your decor? This elegant Renaissance lady has been literally defaced with a thick swathe of yellow paint.

Alternatively, perhaps the options below might be more your style. Drapery with yellow is an eclectic modern story of tribute, irreverence and playfulness. This original mixed media collaborative work on canvas comes from Young & Battaglia art studio with guest artist Vincenzo Sgaramella.

Finally, Shape and Colour Yellow is a beautiful blend of historical painting with contemporary style. The pleasingly rounded shapes discreetly depict a classical image, given a new perspective that awakens your curiosity and entices you to study the portrait more deeply.

Drapery with YellowShape and Colour Yellow

Whatever you choose, the 2021 blend of yellow and grey is a visually pleasing combination. If you adopt these colours in your home we would love to see the results so tag us in on instagram.