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Dark Maximalism trend | Interiors Blog | Mineheart

Posted by Faith McMath on 15th Mar 2023

Grace Cushion

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It’s a huge trend right now as people rebel against the starkness of minimalism, rejecting clean lines and empty space to make way for personality and intimacy in interior design.

What is Dark Maximalism?

Maximalism is an interiors approach that embraces intricate detail and lavishness. It’s nothing new - it’s something that typified Victorian interiors, at a time when it was possible to buy all manners of objects from all over the world.

Victorians loved to adorn their homes with art, tapestries, lamps and ornaments that conveyed both wealth and worldliness. 

The Orange Pencil Canvas

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Dark Maximalism is a specific genre within the established maximalism trend. Where some maximalist interior designs are full of light and bright colours, dark maximalism conveys a more warm and cosy space, using darker tones and rich furnishings.

Dark Maximalist Gallery Walls

Gallery walls are a classic feature in a maximalist home. Adopting a dark maximalist gallery wall in your interior design is all about selecting wall art that is fully in keeping with your overall theme.

Typically, maximalist wall decor art will be dark in tone with an ornate frame. Try evoking that Victorian style with lots of portrait art and Renaissance style images.

Senora Emanuela' Canvas

Photo credit: https://www.instagram.com/colourmadetheroom/

A maximalist gallery wall embraces art of different shapes and sizes, to give a sense of benign disorder. Mix up the artistic styles too - this look is all about showcasing your personal taste and matching the interior design to the occupant.

You might put a piece of parody art next to something surreal or abstract, to bring variety and eclecticism to your display. The design below brings in a three dimensional element that is highly effective.

Monsieur Mint' Canvas

Dark Maximalism wallpaper

You can’t achieve maximalist wall decor with plain, painted walls. The secret to this look is multi-layering, with contrasting textures, colours and designs at play in different dimensions of the space.

The right wallpaper will be the anchor for your design theme. For a dark maximalism look, clearly you will need to choose a dark shade with a detailed and intricate pattern.

Wildflower Pattern Purple and Pinks Wallpaper

Some perfect maximalist wall decor in our range includes the dark bookshelf design, our range of feather wallpaper which comes in a number of dramatic dark shades, and the Dark Urban Concrete Damask design.

Remember that dark decor doesn’t have to mean black or grey wallpaper. Take a look at dark green shades such as this botanical design, navy blue wallpaper or even a shade of purple wallpaper.

Peacock Feathers Black and White Wallpaper

Using fabrics and textures in a dark maximalism theme

Wallpaper and wall art are important foundations for maximalist interior design, but you will add further depth and visual appeal with the use of rich materials on your flooring, your soft furnishings and even lighting.

Rugs add a new dimension to any space, and the texture is important in adding to the look. If you’re emulating a Victorian maximalist space, look at classic rug designs such as a persian style carpet. If you are more fluid in your theme, consider a more contemporary, dark rug like Floral Fantasy.

Floral Fantasy Rug Sistine rug multicolor

A fabric lampshade is a must in a maximalist room, with the more fringe, the better. A feather lamp will give an equally opulent and decadent vibe that compliments your maximalist wall decor. Alternatively, a goddess statue lamp will take things to a whole new level.

A maximalist sofa should be liberally adorned with cushions of varying shapes, sizes, designs and fabrics. The Mineheart collection includes both interpretations of our favourite wall art and more abstract designs, such as the Stone Taupe cushion.

Water is not enough cushionPortrait of a White and Blue Butterfly on Lady Cushion Cover

Ornaments and Curios for the Dark Maximalism look

No maximalist theme is complete without an array of interesting ornaments, sculptures, clocks and assorted curios.

Victorians set the trend for glass cabinets to display souvenirs and items of interest - like a small museum exhibit for the home. Whether to emulate that in your interior design is up to you, but collecting antique items or fun ceramics is an appealing addition to your maximalist wall decor.

Grandfather Olaf figurine - Black

Mineheart offers a range of unique plates and sculptures to set the tone for your space. Is a glossy black bulldog the perfect feature for the mantelpiece?

Carved furniture and statement pieces

You will certainly need to include some velvet textured seating in your dark maximalist interior design - whether that be a sofa or an occasional armchair.

Black Mark Portrait - Printed Armchair

Empty spaces are a no-no in this trend, so use an ottoman or a footstool to occupy floor space that needs a little je ne sais quoi.

Dark wooden cabinets and sideboards are a key aspect in maximalism, adding to a room’s features but also providing additional surfaces to display pictures, ornaments and plants.

Greenery and ornamental pots and vases are always a valuable addition in a non-minimalist design theme.

Elizabeth Cabinet

Gold, silver and jewelled accents

With a dark decor theme, there’s always a risk that the space could feel drab and gloomy. Metallics like gold, silver, copper and bronze will lift a darker space and add a luxurious accent.

Marble fragment wallpaper-Black

Include pops of rich colour that emulates jewels - emerald green, ruby red, sapphire blue and amethyst purple. This is a guaranteed route to opulence and glamour, as opposed to cheerlessness, in your dark decor theme.

An enduring look for any space

Maximalism is right up Mineheart’s street - we love a space that displays character, indulges the senses and tells a story. If you choose a Mineheart design for your interior, tag us on social media - we love to see our collection come to life.

For more design inspiration in maximalist wall decor and more, take a look at our blogs on making your home luxurious; using dark colours in any room and how to create a cosy home.