Orb of pleasure Green Lady

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Orb of pleasure Green Lady - Printed canvas by Young & Battaglia

Orb of pleasure green lady - A unique surrealism portrait taking a classical artwork and replacing the subject's face with a mysterious green orb. This unique green art is typical of Mineheart's eclectic style. Our artists like to take a fresh look at traditional and historical artworks and give them a twist - creating something totally new and thought provoking. In this Orb collection, artist Kirin Young gets playful with classical portrait art. He asks us to consider whether portraits are still portraits if you can't see the person's face? In this quirky wall canvas, a woman's face is completely hidden by an ethereal green-white glow.

This green canvas wall art makes us ask lots of questions: What does the woman behind the orb actually look like? Where did this strange glow come from? This surreal portrait has a strangely hypnotic effect. It will be ideal as a piece of feature art for a prominent wall in your office or home. It's said of many portraits that the eyes follow you around the room. That's definitely not the case here, but instead that eerie glow keeps drawing your attention. Orb of Pleasure, Green Lady is available in a range of dimensions, so you can choose the size that will make the right impact in your interior theme. Might this be the ideal focus for your bedroom, your bathroom or the end of a hallway? Or a muse to inspire you in your home office?

There are four prints in this collection: Orb of Pleasure Blue LadyOrb of Pleasure Green LadyOrb of Pleasure Orange Lady and Orb of Pleasure Yellow Man. Will you collect the full set to display as a mini gallery? Or match each edition to different rooms in your home? If you like this artwork but would like to customise it, perhaps into a unique size, with a different frame, we're here to make it happen. Take a look at our customisation page for more details.



  • Mini size:       (H) 50.8 cm   x (W) 40.6 cm    x (D) 3.2 cm  / 20.00” x 15.98” x 1.25”
  • Small size:     (H) 81.3 cm   x (W) 66.0 cm    x (D) 3.2 cm  / 32.00” x 25.90” x 1.25”
  • Medium size: (H) 127.0 cm x (W) 101.6 cm  x (D) 3.2 cm  / 50.00” x 40.00” x 1.25”
  • Large size:     (H) 172.7 cm x (W) 137.2 cm  x (D) 3.2 cm  / 67.99” x 54.02” x 1.25”

Frame: Classic wooden Black box frame(3.2cm depth)

Material: 280g Matte polyester canvas, FSC certified Natural Birch wood box frame 

Lead Time: 1-2 weeks.

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