1st Jun 2019

The Stucco Shimmer Effect Wallpaper Collection

A Glittery Wallpaper Design

The Stucco Shimmer wallpaper collection provides a less-messy, internal alternative to the traditional stucco finish for exterior walls. This glitter wallpaper design is combined with a raw plaster effect to create a faux textured paper for the wall which adds a beautifully rustic and artistic touch, particularly in the way that the wallpapers glitter in the light. These glitter wallpapers are available to buy online and in 7 subtle colour ways, each combined with a gentle metallic shimmer - these wallpaper designs are great for brightening a room and adding a modern touch.

Moderna Stucco Shimmer wallpaper - Grey/Purple

Grey With A Purple Sparkle Wallpaper

The contrasting hues seen in this grey and purple wallpaper create an aged stucco effect, adding new depth to the room without being too bold. The metallic shimmer finish for this wallpaper design plays with the light bringing you different colour moods through-out the day.

Moderna Stucco Shimmer wallpaper - Ivory

Sparkly Ivory Wallpaper

A classic wallpaper colour that has been paired with a light glitter to add more texture and brightness to your wall.

Moderna Stucco Shimmer wallpaper - Grey

Grey Glitter Wallpaper

A sparkly grey finish for your walls, achieving that polished concrete or stone effect that is often desired. This metallic grey wallpaper combines the contemporary grey colour scheme with a touch of sparkle to make the wallpaper design a bit brighter, reflecting any light that hits it.

Moderna Stucco Shimmer wallpaper - Green

Glittery Green Wallpaper

If you love the colour green but after a tone that is a little calmer, that will blend seamlessly with your scheme then this sparkly green wallpaper is perfect for adding gentle colour to your interior. The pale green, almost mint green design has a distressed stucco effect that will add a unique texture to your wall. 

Moderna Stucco Shimmer wallpaper - Cream

Sparkly Cream Wallpaper

If you are after a more simple wallpaper design, then look no further - this sparkling cream wallpaper is both warming and chic with it’s soft tones and patchy stucco effect. Ideal for lightening your walls without being too sterile.

Moderna Stucco Shimmer wallpaper - Beige

Glittery Beige Wallpaper

Moderna Stucco Shimmer wallpaper - Beige & White

Beige with White Sparkly Wallpaper

Adding beige and whites to interiors is a popular trend due to the versatility of these colours, they can be paired with almost any interior scheme and still look fantastic. A beige and white wallpaper is ideal for making a room look bigger - your walls are such a vast space and by adding a bright and sparkly wallpaper you are able to make the room feel more light and airy.