Black Ceramic Bulldog (Matte finish)

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If French Bulldogs are a fancy of yours then Mineheart has the perfect French Bull Dog gift for sale. This gorgeous proud little statue is perfect to sit anywhere in your home. The iconic French Bulldog is as elegant as can be in his evening attire of striking matt black with gold lustre details. A proud regal little Frenchie that will melt the heart of dog lovers everywhere and perfect for the French Bulldog owner. This serene beautiful gift adds some glamour and real personality to you home. A bright and playful touch to your space that will make your mantle piece the envy of all your friends and family. This Handsome little hound is part of the Mineheart French Bulldog family along with the Gloss Gold and Delft Ceramic versions.

Decorative ceramic bulldogs introduce a modern and playful twist to the classically patterned china crockery that they take their inspiration from. These little hounds look great on dressers, cabinets, warming by the fire or even as a table centerpiece, guarding your salt and pepper. Ideal for the dog-loving individual, this ceramic French Bulldog will stand proudly wherever you place them, and look at you lovingly every time you walk by.

Theme: Ceramic, ceramic dog, bulldog, French bulldog, Delft, mantlepiece, black, gold, gift, lustre

Material: Black matte finish ceramic

Care: Hand wash

Approx Size: Length 34cm x Height 28cm x Width 13.5cm.

Lead Time: 1-3 Weeks