Browse the Mineheart collection of blue wallpaper, composed of a huge variety of colour variations that make it particularly versatile. From a light blue wallpaper, great for the living room to a navy blue wallpaper - ideal for the bedroom walls, These wallpaper rolls are suitable for all places at home, evoking light and tranquillity - use blue wall paper for walls to act as a base to permit more lively objects around. 

Under this premise, it could be good to use blue wallpaper for bedroom walls. The idea would be to get a light blue room wallpaper, to promote its maximum possible relaxing mood. The Smokey blue clouds wallpaper fits this definition. With its clear tone and cloud pattern, which invites us to sleep, it could be the perfect blue bedroom wallpaper designs. On the other hand, the Navy geometric damask wallpaper is navy blue wallpaper for interior walls which, without putting tranquillity aside, will offer a bolder design.