Dispelling Interior Design Myths To Encourage People Back To The Office

Posted by Mineheart on 21st Apr 2021

Dispelling Interior Design Myths To Encourage People Back To The Office

Lockdown has had so many impacts on everyday life, from mental health to everyday organization. For some, working from home has become almost a nightmare, trying to juggle kids, online classes and Zoom meetings with meal preparations and laundry. But even for those struggling to find focus working from home, going back to the office after the pandemic can be little relief due to the various interior design myths that have crept in.

Believing that collaborators would rather stay at home is definitely a myth. Good interior decorating can help encourage everyone to find a safe and exciting place when coming back to the office. Mineheart has interviewed architect and design professional Gustavo Curcio, from ArqXP.com to find out the main trends in interior design for this so-expected time. Check out some of his top picks:

Gustavo Curcio, architect and founder of ArqXP.com

Safe interaction between employees

According to Gustavo Curcio, "one of the big losses of home-office is the end of coffee talks. During informal conversations, many ideas and proposals emerged. Relaxed moments between co-workers are conducive to the generation of innovative solutions. Creating living areas with safe distance around the cafeteria will help in the resumption of these fundamental moments for synergy between different teams."

Little Angels -Limited edition print

Safe distancing can be achieved through furniture placement, creating a comfortable and safe space to talk while having coffee. Choose wall art carefully, so that it conveys tranquillity in relaxing spaces. Abstract wall art, such as Young & Battaglia’s limited edition Little Angels can blend well with wooden furniture, bringing a sophisticated touch to a lounging office space.


“A mainly corporate interior design trend, biophilia is an innovative tool for productivity”, says Curcio. “Inserting ‘life’ into spaces is the key to making arid environments welcoming. The strategy includes the use not only of plants, but of coatings and materials that refer to nature, such as natural fibers, cotton fabrics, wefts and textures. It is important to emphasize the conscious use of natural elements in terms of sustainability.”

Photo by CoWomen on Unsplash

Create a cozy coworking place by using plants, wood and furniture to set up a place for everyone and create some privacy in a collective environment.

Photo by CoWomen on Unsplash

Having plants in your work environment changes everyone’s moods and makes working more satisfactory. Plants link us back to nature, bringing life into the office. This coworking office setup focuses on creating several cozy working spaces, which can be separated by using bookcases or folding screens, for example.


“The effects of colours on human behaviour are evident. It has never been more necessary to choose shades according to feelings. Establishing a perceptual analysis between colours and activities is essential for face-to-face working. Exploring unusual colour palettes – run away from the old analogous or complementary combinations – can help welcoming people to come back”, says Curcio.

Pink quirky wallpaper with pigs: a funny touch to a creative office

When creating a new space for creative people, working with unexpected elements is essential. The Morris Dream - Peachy Pink and Grey Wallpaper is a great example of the use of colour and graphic elements to create an unusual office room.

Rugs are another good design technique for inserting a large amount of colour into a room. They can be used to separate different spaces and its uses without creating physical barriers. For a contemporary look, a large rug in the centre paired with interesting and comfortable chairs create a focal point while also delimiting an area.

When choosing a rug, think of making it either the standout centrepiece of your decor or a neutral base which blends with other items in similar tones and allows a bolder piece of furniture to shine. Rugs with plenty of detail go well with neutral furniture such as this cute pink velvet Lulu chair. Abstract circular rugs in neutral tones can be paired with bold and quirky statement armchairs.

Midnight Moods Rug  Lulu Chair

Midnight Moods Rug and Lulu Chair: lovely companions

Ink flow -1 RugPink mark portrait - printed Armchair

Ink Flow rug and Pink Mark Portrait printed armchair

Relaxing furniture

According to Curcio, “resting areas have been common in corporate spaces for some time. However, with the long stay of people in their homes, it has become essential to incorporate office furniture previously restricted to the domestic environment. Creating living and rest areas for 15-minute breaks can boost productivity when people return to the front of the screens. Sofas, armchairs and ottomans can be strong allies.”

Grey Velvet Sofa with Ink Flow Pattern Corset Armchair

                  Grey Velvet Sofa with Ink Flow Pattern                                           Corset Armchair

Create an inviting lounge space with velvet sofas and interesting armchairs for a quick rest area between meetings. Surely a cozy and safe place to chat with colleagues after such a long lockdown!