Behold….The NEW XXL Gold King Edison Pendant Lamp

Posted by Mineheart on 11th May 2021

Behold….The NEW XXL Gold King Edison Pendant Lamp

King Edison XXL Pendant lamp

Experimenting with scale can make interiors unique, and using oversized décor is one way to set your space apart. Maxi design and grand proportions will give any home or commercial building that high impact finish….finish being the keyword here.

If you’ve ever struggled to fill a big room with tall ceilings, large pendant lighting can complete the aesthetics while also providing a practical purpose.

The XXL King Edison is a serious statement piece, and anyone who loved the original King Edison Lamp by Young & Battaglia will be beguiled by the same design on steroids.

Designer Brendan Young talks about his latest creation:

“A larger reincarnation of our King Edison Pendant Lamp, the XXL completes the family, and it looks just as great solo as it does in a multi-pendant line-up. Combining the humble and classic light bulb with the opulence of a chandelier, this design is a juxtaposition of styles, interior mind-sets and eras. A mix of modesty and grandiosity, this hand blown lamp fits into a range of interior settings, from homes to modern commercial spaces.”

The bigger, brighter and bolder King Edison

Large pendant lighting

Like Young & Battaglia’s original King Edison and their Grande version, this extra large glass pendant light features a chandelier design, transforming the classic Edison bulb into something so much more.

We’re not just talking about the level of luxury here either…..there’s something rather playful about combining an edgy vintage light fitting with a somewhat OTT chandelier. That’s what makes it such a great choice for modern spaces that are all about creative expression.

Measuring half a metre wide and 62cm from top to bottom, this large pendant lighting demands an audience. In recent years, we’ve seen lighting take centre stage as the interior stars, not just supporting acts – and this playfully oversized glass pendant light from Young & Battaglia won’t go unnoticed.

In terms of practicality, the XXL is also much brighter. While the original was a popular choice for creating an atmospheric quality in a cosy home space, the supersized version has the ability to omit enough light for a range of tasks.

This makes it perfect for business interior design, as well as homes. The Young & Battaglia designer discuss the benefits of the brighter bulb:

“In terms of application, the XXL King Edison Pendant Lamp trumps our smaller version because it offers added versatility. The original design was created for decorative mood lighting, providing a romantic ambience and was therefore a great choice for bedrooms, living rooms and dining areas. But our larger design is able to offer a brighter lighting solution, making it more practical and ideal for rooms and locations where visibility is key.”

How to style extra large ceiling lights

extra large ceiling lights

Oversized pendant lights offer a lot more versatility than you may think. They can be used in large areas or much smaller rooms. It all depends on the look you’re going for. Furthermore, oversized pendant lights like the XXL King Edison look stately solo, or alluring in groups.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that show stopping interior features have to be used singularly. Using several lamps and arranging them at different heights will give you a statement cluster of cascading light that looks ultra-artistic and modern.

Thinking about styling for different settings, Brendan explains:

“Our extra, extra large glass pendant light is perfect for building sense of scale in your interiors, adding a contemporary design feature in the bedroom or filling huge buildings where ceilings are high and vertical space is ample.

He also adds:

That’s not to say that it won’t work in a smaller space though, as the perception of scale and proportion can be altered through your curation of furniture and accessories, and selecting the right size in relation to one another. Other décor pieces, such as mirrors, sculptures or wall art can all play a role next to your choice of large pendant lighting.”

When it comes to seamlessly integrating it with your interiors, the XXL King Edison plays well with a range of colours, patterns and textiles. It looks striking in a bright setting, or moody and atmospheric with dark interiors.

The simplicity of the glass design helps to deliver a stark contrast to anything else you have going on in the room, giving you a fantastic focal point that ties everything together.

big pendant light

Building scale with large pendant lighting

large pendant lighting

If you are looking to manipulate scale and proportion, it helps to bend the rules a little, even with the Golden Ratio. While 1:618 is seen all over nature, in famous works of art, in web design, and in anything with aesthetic value – it can be a bit samey, predictable.

Remember, interior design is more of an art than a science, so if something looks and feels right, it probably is. Trust your gut and size up or down with objects that bring you joy.

Oversized pendant lights have the power to make a room appear larger or smaller. They also govern the human eye in terms of focus, drawing your attention to the front of the room, the back of the room, or a designated corner.

As well as scale, consider proportion and shape of different objects in relation to one another. Extra large ceiling lights that are globular like the XXL King Edison will contrast well with square furniture and blend perfectly with a rounded sofa.

shapes in interior design

There’s a lot of psychology to shapes in interior design worth noting, with angular shapes being much harsher than soft and gentle curves which promote relaxation. But the end narrative is up to you, and the entire King Edison Pendants range by Young & Battaglia is designed to offer endless versatility.

The King Edison family is available in 3 different colours (GhostGold and Silver/Chrome), with a choice of single pendants, trio pendants and wall lamp. Sizes for the pendants go from standard to large, and now to XXL. Plus, a table top version of the King Edison is also in the pipeline, providing even more ways to light up a space with this unique design.

Technical details about the XXL…

gold king edison pendant lamp

The XXL King Edison Lamp is made with hand-blown glass, and features a brass chandelier design with a shiny, decadent gold finish.

It’s one of the largest oversized pendant lights available for interior designers, homeowners and commercial businesses, and it has an energy rating of Energy rating A++.

The designer uses LEDs, made to be energy efficient and eco-friendly as a lighting choice. Not only do LEDs have an exceptionally longer life span than standard bulbs (up to 10,000 hours), but they have 85% lower energy usage.

This product takes standard G4 LED bulbs up to 3.5 watts each, while the chandelier takes 12 bulbs. Depending on the bulbs used, it can provide a potential brightness level of 3600 lumens, excellent for bright neutral lighting.


  • Brass chandelier
  • Hand-blown glass lamp
  • Metal lamp cups and ceiling rose
  • Braided fabric coated cabling

Find out more about the new XXL King Edison Pendant Lamp here.