The Ultimate 2021 Kitchen Decor Idea Guide

The Ultimate 2021 Kitchen Decor Idea Guide

Posted by Mineheart on 21st May 2021

Looking to update your kitchen this year? It can seem a daunting task. Whether you’re planning a complete overhaul or a simpler update to your walls, lighting and flooring, it takes time to decide on the perfect kitchen design.

Let Mineheart help you with our favourite kitchen design ideas for 2021 - this guide will make sure you give thought to all the main considerations. That way you’ll end up with a look you love that will make you want to spend all your time in your fabulous new room. So let’s look at each element area in turn.

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Credit: Lucinda Loya Italianate Mansion

Kitchen decor styles

The first step is to create the overall theme and style of your new look kitchen. What kind of look are you going for?

Do you love an ultra modern, white kitchen theme or a cosy farmhouse look? An industrial look, or something unique and quirky? Do you want to make a big style statement in your kitchen or keep it low key?

At this point it’s a great idea to look at Pinterest and Instagram to explore the best #kitchenredesign options and decide on the style you love most.

Kitchen decor styles

Kitchen colour trends 2021

Every year sees different colour trends for kitchens, and these can be a useful source of inspiration. The main thing to consider is whether you will adopt these colours within the kitchen units themselves, as a decor theme or as kitchen accents - kettles and other appliances come in all kinds of colours!

2021 kitchen colour trends are big on shades of green: Blue-green, sage green, olive green and apple green are all frequently mentioned by interior designers of the moment.

Navy blue and Indigo has become big for kitchens in the last couple of years and can be very atmospheric, especially if you use your kitchen a lot in the evenings.

Do think about how much you want to be influenced by trends, though and whether your room could end up looking dated in a couple of years’ time. In our view, it’s better to go with your own personal style and personality than what other people think!

Kitchen decor wall ideas

Once you’ve pinned down the overall style and colour theme you’re aiming for, the next step is to think about your walls. Will you go for a plain block colour, which usually means paint, or will you add depth and interest with kitchen wallpaper?

Wallpaper adds texture, colour and visual interest to any space - but you might worry about its suitability for a kitchen. The good news is that if you choose a vinyl wallpaper - like most of the best selling Mineheart wallpaper products - it will be fine in a kitchen or bathroom. It is moisture resistant and can be wiped with a damp cloth.

You can even place wallpaper behind your cooker and protect it with a transparent splashback.

There are all kinds of wallpaper options to consider to suit your kitchen theme. For a country farmhouse effect, take a look at botanical and floral designs. If you’re aiming for a modern and edgy look, explore white wallpaper and geometric patterns. Or look for wallpaper by colour to match your chosen palette.

Natural Feathers Grey and Orange

Kitchen flooring ideas

Will your flooring need an update as part of your kitchen makeover? The main consideration when it comes to kitchen flooring is blending good looks with functionality. The floor needs to stand up to regular cleaning and the inevitable spills.

The main kitchen flooring options are tiles and stone, wood and wood effect and vinyl flooring. The type you go for will often come down to three things: your kitchen theme, whether you want to create texture and pattern, and your budget.

If you have a dining area or living room space within your kitchen you can soften its look and feel with a rug. A well chosen luxury rug adds visual interest, absorbs some of the harsh kitchen echoes and will delight your toes!

Blue & Brown Persian Faux Cowhide Rug

Kitchen Lighting

Most of us like our kitchens to be well lit - with natural light during the day and bright lights in the evening. But to create a little atmosphere it really helps to have additional lighting options.

A well chosen pendant lamp over a breakfast bar, island or dining table will add personality and softer late-night lighting for a kitchen that’s used well into the evening. If you have a lounging area in your kitchen, a floor lamp can create a more relaxed and cosy feel.

Our King Edison lamps were designed to bring you a little chandelier opulence in any space - with the practicality and contemporary feel of a glass bulb. They’re a top choice for interior designers all over the world.

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Image credit: @istoriainteriors

Kitchen Art

Don’t let your kitchen be too clean and clinical. Make sure it reflects your personality and style. A great way to inject a bit more atmosphere into your kitchen space is with well-chosen artwork.

Start by thinking about the feeling you want to create in your kitchen. Are you looking for it to give you energy and inspiration at the beginning of each day? To be a calm and inspiring place to enjoy a coffee at the weekend? Or an intimate space for a relaxed dinner with friends?

Whatever your goal, you will find the right art to match, whether you want bright Pop Art, tongue in cheek Modernaissance art or something more contemplative and abstract.

Modern kitchen wall art

Image credit: Mary Harrod

These days the kitchen is absolutely the heart of every home. Whether you’re a keen chef or just enjoy a home cooked meal with friends and family, the right kitchen will really transform your home.

Any home improvement project is a really rewarding investment. Whether you choose to do the work yourself or call in the experts, it’s always worth the time and effort. The secret is to spend time visualising and planning your space, and researching the perfect items to bring your chosen theme to life.

We hope you’ll have space for a little Mineheart flair in your new look kitchen - if so tag us in on social media - we’d love to see your kitchen ideas.

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