Must-See Modern Office Design Styles

Posted by Mineheart on 5th Apr 2021

Must-See Modern Office Design Styles

Twist Wallpaper

Having the time and budget to update your work space is step one. But knowing what interior style to choose is the next and most important step, one that requires careful consideration. Your premises acts as your “front of house” or “shop window” after all. So what do you want your space to say about you?

There are many different business interior design ideas and décor themes that can elevate your brand. Just a few simple tricks can help you ooze personality and send the right message to visitors and clients.  Creating the right ambience isn’t as difficult as you might think either. Start with having a clear concept and you can’t go wrong. Need inspiration? Here are 5 of the most striking yet easy-to-execute office design ideas to transform your business.

1. Monochromatic glam for a high-end finish

White Bookshelf Wallpaper

There’s something very pleasing about monochrome. It’s one of the most well-received office décor ideas around. The cleanliness of it is easy on the eye, and the systemised structured makes it pretty much universal. Who doesn’t like monochrome?

But if bog-standard is not what your brand is about, turn things up a notch with some black and white glamour. Start with a blank canvas (white or cream walls work best) then start layering on darker objects.  Think shiny black enamel and lacquer. Industrial black metal furniture. Plush rugs and cushions that take you over to the dark side. And don’t forget an ornate chandelier or feather fittings that scream indulgence.

Feather Pendant Lamp Black

This Feather Pendant Lamp by Young & Battaglia is a confident statement. It takes a poised and assertive brand to pull this off. But if you accessorise well and curate your décor with a concept in mind, features like this will be allowed to shine.

Top design tip: Adding metals such as gold or brass can bring a flat monochromatic palette to life!

2. A clean and minimalist office space

Cucumbers On Man Framed Printed Canvas

Minimalism is a go-to style when it comes to modern office design. It doesn’t matter what industry or sector you are in, clean minimalist interiors appeal to everyone. This is due to the calming effect of the white colour palette.

Perhaps this interior style also aligns with your brand? Fresh and sparkling. No frills. Straightforward. Effective.  In colour psychology, white represents anything that is serene and pure. In Feng Shui, it symbolises balance and harmony. While in marketing, it conjures up feelings of safety and trust.

All in all, it’s a play-it-safe office interior colour to go for. That doesn’t mean it’s always the easiest colour to work with though. Some of the best office interior design ideas fail because depth and dimension are not considered.  If you want to prevent your office from looking too sterile, texture is the key. Turn boring into bold interior features. Transform hospital hallways into homely spaces. And elevate low-key minimalism into Scandinavian luxe.

White Panelling Wallpaper - Light Grey

This White Panelling wallpaper by Young & Battaglia is great way of adding texture to an all-white room. It gives you the effect of wood panels without the need for costly renovations, adding timeless elegance and charm to a modern office space.  Wood panels are extremely grounding while also exuding opulence. The subtle texture helps to tie everything together, creating a look of grand minimalism.

Top design tip: Opt for off-white instead of pure brilliant white to prevent your space being cold and stark!

3. A bright colour-pop office

Waves Wallpaper

A colourful office is hard to forget. If first impressions count to you, making your premises an explosion of bright, stimulating colour could be one of the best office design ideas to embrace.

There’s also scientific evidence to suggest that colours can make a workplace more productive. Colours like green can calm and soothe, helping to keep employee stress down, while red can increase heart rate and blood flow to keep people motivated.  Bright yellows are considered to be energetic and fresh, which can do wonders for creativity and innovation. For design agencies, artist studios and other creative workplaces, yellow is a fantastic option.

If you're looking to introduce one of these colours on your walls but are not sure how much to use, a simple accent wall is a great place to start When it comes to combining colours, there are two approaches. More is more. Or less is more. If you fall into the latter, there are ways of adding a pop of colour without overcrowding.

For instance, in a small office an artistic rug could be all you need to create a talking point.

Graffiti 3 Rug

This Graffiti 3 rug by Michael Banks is the perfect addition to a clean, minimalist space.

Top design tip: Use a colour wheel to select colours that contrast well together (such as yellow and blue, or pink and white)!

4. Office design ideas that are off the wall

Monsieur Mint' Canvas

Thought-provoking animal busts, bright pinks lampshades and tongue-in-cheek regency art blemished by paint splatters. Who said office decorating had to conform or make sense?

There are no rules when it comes to art. So if your business is all about breaking the mould, don’t let your creativity be bound by the norms. Channelling free expression through interiors is one of the best business interior design ideas for brands that despise boring, and we have an exciting range of office accessories to inspire you.

This Pink Waterloo Table Lamp by Young & Battaglia injects a sense of fun into your office and a real pop of colour.

Pink Waterloo Table LampWaterloo Table Lamp

While this Monsieur Mint Canvas by Mineheart pokes fun at anyone who takes themselves too seriously.

Top design tip: Create a gallery wall of quirky framed prints and canvas art as a source of inspiration for your team!

5. Dark and moody office interiors

Dark Concrete Loveletter Wallpaper

One of the office design ideas that is on the rise is dark and moody interiors. This look is not for the faint-hearted though. Plunging into darkness isn’t easy. But we promise it’s not as difficult as you might think.

In fact, dark interiors can be cosy, inviting and atmospheric especially in a small space – and it’s a trend that has exploded in people’s homes in recent years.  It can be easily achieved with wallpaper, and the more texture you can create through visual patterns, the better. And for those looking for home office ideas this is one of our favorite styles.

Night black clouds wallpaper

This Night Black Clouds Wallpaper by Mineheart is moody yet uplifting, dark yet romantic, ethereal but also quite bold.  By embracing daring office décor ideas like this one, you can give your business a very confident “shop front” appearance.

Top design tip: Use mirrors to reflect natural light around the office if you’re worried about it being dark and dingy!