Master Bedroom Décor Ideas 2021

Master Bedroom Décor Ideas 2021

Posted by Lucy Whiter on 8th Jul 2021

Decorating your bedroom with wallpaper couldn’t be easier and the main reason for this is usually only the habitants of that room will get see it. This means you can completely choose the style to suit your taste entirely. It may not be same wallpaper design you would use in a living space for example. This is because of the difference in atmosphere you will create. As said by I Wallpaper Interiors “ Wallpaper creates atmosphere and transforms a space”. So lets begin on your quest for the best bedroom wallpaper. Your 1st step is to look at your style…

Bedroom Wallpaper Style

The architecture of your home may dictate the overall style you should aim for. Does your home have traditional or heritage features that you may want to take your design style cues from? If so you may consider sticking within the style that works for that home. For example; make a grand statement with Georgian elegance using a faux wood panel wallpaper. Or use an all time classic stripe wallpaper to ensure your wallpaper fits with the tone of your home. Does your room already have a prominent style you would like to feature?

Taupe Stripe Wallpaper

However if your room is a blank canvas you can completely be led by your taste. So what patterns are you drawn to? Do you like metallic wallpaper, florals or a wood panel wallpaper? Perhaps you are going for a definite style in the bedroom like a New York loft industrial effect or a sophisticated luxe boudoir! Whichever speaks to you is your starting point to narrow your field of choices.

Think about the overall effect you are creating. A  metallic wallpaper is glamorous and has the added benefit or looking especially good under artificial lighting. A wood panel wallpaper has beautiful fine details. This wallpaper creates the feeling of grandeur you would get in a stately home.

Grey Purple Shimmer wallpaper

Bedroom Wallpaper Colour

Choosing a wallpaper colour for your master bedroom décor is crucial. Typically colours used for a bedroom are light and calming. Trending colours for your interior in 2021 are sage greens, navy and blues. Jewel tones are also still popular with the rich amethyst red front and centre. This would be wonderful in creating a boudoir style bedroom.

Decide if you are keeping other main elements in your room such as carpet or window dressings. You should use them as your cues to match your wallpaper colours to these interior elements. Perhaps there’s some artwork or a particular cushion with a colour you want to highlight and match in with your wallpaper colour scheme.

Where to hang wallpaper in your bedroom

If your master bedroom decor idea is to wallpaper all the walls of the bedroom with a patterned wallpaper, ensure the design is not too busy. As it may feel overpowering to have it on all the walls and feel too chaotic for a bedroom. This is after all the place for restfulness and calm. This type of wallpaper you may feel is better suited to a feature wall only.

Most often the bedhead wall would be the logical choice to hang the feature wall. As this is the main focal point the eye is drawn to usually. However it does depend on the lay out of the room so take it all in from all angles to decide. The wall at the foot of your bed directly opposite also usually works well.

To help you choose whether to wallpaper an accent wall or the whole room  I Wallpaper Interiors has some helpful tips.

Another choice is to have your feature wall, say the bedhead wall, of your chosen design; for sophistication and style you cant go past the luxury of Chesterfield Button Back Wallpaper. Then compliment this with a corresponding colour in un-patterned or subtly patterned wallpaper for the rest of the walls. This will create a cocoon of wallpaper wrapping the master bedroom in wallpaper coordinated bliss!

Khaki Brown Linen wallpaper