Bubblegum Portrait -4

Young & Battaglia
£ 104.00
40.60 (cm)
50.80 (cm)
1.90 (cm)

By Young & Battaglia in collaboration with artist Kirin Young.


Who said a silver-haired lady couldn't bring revolution into your homes? This portrait of an elegant woman in grey satin and lace does just that. She is not afraid of your gaze and scrutinizes your amazement in front of a canvas painting. Young & Battaglia do not stop making news for their unconventionalism and arm with a pink bubble gum framed wall print with a lady determined to wear a decisive role against prejudices. The bubble gum portrait features well to-do ladies in all their finery, letting go of their strict etiquette that causes them to go unnoticed. Shop the series. Framed Wall Art will add to your home the imperfection of randomness and the unexpected. The Art of Young & Battaglia does not seek perfection but the astonishment of change. If you are looking for unconventional pieces, buy the Bubblegum series of canvases and you will leave your guests speechless.


406mm x 508mm (Standard Canvas, classic Black colour box frame)

Lead Time:  2-5 days.

Bubblegum Wall Art