Cherry Lips

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Cherry Lips Wall art Designed by Stefano Bonazzi 

Cherry Lips is a wonderful yet startling piece of surreal wall art from Stefano Bonazzi. It depicts a strange version of a human reclining in a cracked egg, eating a cherry with a Picasso-esque profile. There is something of the fairytale about the image, with bright red shoes reminiscent of Dorothy's ruby slippers in the Wizard of Oz, and a nod to Humpty Dumpty's egg-shaped proportions. 

As a bold, modern image this Cherry Lips wall art is a striking choice for a piece of feature art. Its pops of red will complement or contrast with your colour scheme - and everyone will notice this unique piece. The framed egg canvas print is available in a choice of sizes to suit any space. Could this cherry wall art be a perfect piece of kitchen wall art or a focal piece of egg wall art for your living room?

About the collection

Artist Stefano Bonazzi’s surreal art canvases each feature a human subject whose face is obscured in some way. He relies on body language, posture and scenery to convey the emotion of each piece. For more insights into this unique series of images, the inspiration behind this cherry art print and the artist himself, read this blog.

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Stefano's work is haunting, beautiful and surreal - Explore more surreal wall art in our collection.  If you're looking to pair Cherry Lips with other images from Stefano Bonazzi's collection, take a look at Nightmare 2, Nightmare 3, Limbo 1 and Limbo 2. You might also like our range of White and Light wall art.

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