​5 reasons grey wallpaper will still be huge in 2021

​5 reasons grey wallpaper will still be huge in 2021

Posted by Mineheart on 25th Nov 2020

Grey wallpaper - and grey decor generally - has been huge for about a decade now, taking over from creams and browns as the go-to neutral shade. Now though, like any lasting trend, grey has started to come under fire from interiors experts who are keen to start talking about the next big thing.

Is grey still fashionable for homes?

In this article from Houzz the death of grey was already being heralded, but three years on, there’s no decline in the number of people buying grey wallpaper and paint online.

When it comes to fashion for homes, it’s more important to find a style that will last for you - something that you know you’ll enjoy for many years to come. It’s very difficult to get tired of a versatile shade like grey, especially as you can style it so many different ways.

So there’s still a lot going for grey as a fabulous tone for your home. In this article we’ll give you five reasons why grey wallpaper will still be huge in 2021.

grey and turquoise panel wallpaper

1. Grey goes with everything

The reason grey became so big is that it goes with every colour, looks good in any age of home and delivers a cool, chic look.

But we agree that an all-grey home can be a bit on the drab side. Much as we love Mrs Hinch, we like a bit more colour in our home styling. Grey is the perfect platform for a colourful home, whether those pops of colour come from your furniture, a gallery wall or bright cushions, rugs and curtains.

Or, you can choose a bold wallpaper that blends grey with a more vibrant shade. Above is a great example of a contemporary grey panelling wallpaper blended with a bright turquoise - it makes a strong statement in any space (whichever way up you choose to install it!)

Grey can be cool or warm, depending on its tones, so it can create a cosy space or a spacious one, whatever suits you best.

If you like art on your walls, a grey background helps to frame your artworks without distracting the eye. The home below is a perfect example of how effective this is.

black feather pendant light

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2. 50 shades…?

There are so many shades of grey that you can never get tired of them all. The very lightest shades of grey are almost white, which is perfect for a Scandi-chic look where you’re seeking to capture the light in your room.

Meanwhile, charcoal and anthracite shades of grey are almost - but not quite - black. There’s a growing trend for dark decor, so if you’re growing tired of your mid-grey walls but aren’t tempted to choose a coloured shade, you could seek out a dark grey wallpaper.

Far from making your room gloomy, a dark shade of grey can really change the atmosphere of the space. Dark decor can be very cosy, sophisticated and elegant. The right shade, teamed with metallics like gold and silver together with rich fabrics like velvet and faux fur, create a real sense of luxury and opulence.

dark room decor

Image credit:  @raspberry_flavoured_windows 

3. Grey with patterns and textures

It’s important to note that grey doesn’t have to be one dimensional and flat. By choosing grey wallpaper rather than paint, you can create all kinds of textures and looks to suit your tastes and your room.

The effect can be subtle or you can create something really bold, depending on your space. On the plainer end of the scale, you could opt for a ‘linen look’ grey wallpaper which creates a warm effect through the illusion of fabric on your walls.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to create a grey feature wall you can bring in some colour - perhaps with a floral design or a strong monochrome pattern like the bookcase wallpaper in the example below.

grey patterned wallpaperImage credit: @mydarkhome

The wallpaper below is a blend of a rich, multi tonal red with a grey background, which gives a very luxurious feel. This kind of design adds real richness and beauty - as well as a focal point - to a grey room.

back to nature wallpaper

4. Is it grey, or is it silver?

Add a little glitter or a metallic effect to grey, and all of a sudden it becomes silver. Silver is an enduring trend both in both home style and fashion, as it’s such a classic that again goes with everything.

Bringing some silver into your grey decor creates a real transformation. Metallics and glitter instantly give a sense of luxury and richness to any room. Whether you choose to achieve it with silver wallpaper or with your other home furnishings, the added shimmer and shine from silver will add a whole new dimension.

Team a silver wall with rich teal furnishings, or a deep purple for a regal feel. Silver also goes well with bright shades like yellow if you want to add some vibrant energy to your space.

grey metallic wallpaper

5. Grey can be a colour too!

Finally, grey is unique in that it can blend with any colour to create something completely new. So if you like the neutrality of grey, but are tempted to bring in a little colour, you can absolutely have the best of both worlds. Blue-grey and grey-green are well established shades for home decor, but recent years have seen a big growth in grey-mauve or grey-purple as a trend.

These shades work because they essentially look grey but just have a little extra depth. You can bring out the underlying colour with the furnishings in your space, whether that be cushions, rugs, wall art, fabrics or furniture.

blue grey wallpaper

Grey is here to stay

While there’s definitely always room for new ideas, fresh thinking and design inspiration, it doesn’t mean we need to throw away the things that are already working.

And that’s why grey in interior design is going to remain a classic for 2021 and long beyond. It’s totally versatile, multi dimensional and a platform to show off your creativity.

So ignore what the fashionistas are saying and look at their homes instead - there’s bound to be an abundance of grey on show.