Discover the diverse selection of Mineheart designs in our clearance area including discounted art, lighting and wallpaper.

The designs featured here consist of discontinued items and factory seconds - whilst not meeting our usual quality standards Mineheart is striving to reduce waste and give these designs a second chance of a good home at a much reduced price. All discounted home decor designs featured have all the originality and elegance which has always featured within the Mineheart style. 

The art for sale is perfect for defining a focal point in a room and, at the same time, opening a window to another world. A place where the classic art is reinterpreted, graffiti can perfectly coexist with very fine figures, and animals are portrayed as important aristocrats. This is the case of the imperfect second of the 'Brother Stanwick' Canvas, an important military official in the shape of a very cute deer. Or the Cousin Parker Canvas, featuring a colourful parrot dressed in finery.  So embrace the blemishes and have a browse to find an arty design to suit your home!