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What is surreal art?

Surreal art is thought to have originated in France in the early 1920’s. Many of its artists pioneered ‘automatism’, where the artist suppresses the conscious thought process and allows the unconscious mind to direct the painting process.  This method produces the unusual and dream-like works that surreal wall art depicts.  The Migration framed art print is a perfect example of this style.

We love surreal wall art, from colorful surrealism art to dark surreal paintings, these artworks will add a whole new dimension to your living space.    Let your imagination run wild with a surreal canvas art. Some of our favourite include the Bernard canvas, a surrealism art work of a smartly dressed dog patiently having his portrait taken.  If you are after an artwork that is a little more poetic, the Voice canvas may just suit. Meanwhile the Intriguing and relaxed framed art print seems to highlight the beauty of the sound of the sea - or not?

Surrealism art always leaves room for interpretation. What's yours?


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