16 of the Best Interior Design Facebook Pages

16 of the Best Interior Design Facebook Pages

Posted by Mineheart on 21st Apr 2021

Whether your interest in interior design is professional or it’s a daily obsession, you’ll know how much social media influences your tastes. The speed that new trends take hold can be breathtaking too, so if you want to keep up with what’s happening you need a daily dip into the world of influencers.

And while Instagram has now cornered the market for engaging images, Facebook is still a vibrant source of inspiration. We love to see the latest updates and collaborations from some of our favourite people in the design space, so we thought we’d share some of our favourite Facebook pages for interior designers. Take a look…

  1. Himitsuhana
  2. Young & Battaglia
  3. Courtney Brims
  4. Emanuele Pangrazi
  5. Lucinda Loya
  6. Bishop Design
  7. Paolo Tonelli
  8. Raspberry Flavoured Windows
  9. Forward Features
  10. Mia Karlsson
  11. 3 Design Scotland
  12. Och Ach Concept
  13. MOEM Studio
  14. Layered Home
  15. Ayn Design
  16. Diff Studio

1. Himitsuhana

Himitsuhana is one of our most popular artists. We have dozens of her designs in our luxury wall art collection. She has such imagination and creates dreamlike, beautiful and surreal work that makes a powerful and emotional statement.

On Facebook her posts are poetic and atmospheric. She shares much of her work both as images and also in the form of short films. If you love the work of Himitsuhana, you will love her Facebook page. 


2. Young & Battaglia

Our list would not be complete without including our original founders, Young & Battaglia, who still have a guiding hand in the objects and features in our ever-broadening collection.

The Young & Battaglia Facebook page is a showcase of the thinking behind new designs - a window into the minds of these iconic designers. The Young & Battaglia approach is to inject a little fun and joy into everyday objects, and it’s great to get that inside view of what each new design means to them. 

Young & Battaglia

3.Courtney Brims

Courtney Brims is an Australian artist and illustrator. She describes her intricate pencil drawings as “half daydream and half nightmare, drawing inspiration from her memories of growing up on 80s sci-fi and fantasy films, writing ghost stories and collecting dead insects”.

Courtney’s work often focuses on concepts of reality versus imagination, and the wonder and brutality of the natural world. She is the creator of some of our most popular wallpaper designs in the Back to Nature collection.

Her Facebook page is a wonderful celebration of her artwork. Her drawings are vivid and detailed depictions of animals and plants. 

Back to Nature Coloured Wallpaper

4. Emanuele Pangrazi Design Studio

Emanuele Pangrazi is another Mineheart favourite. An Italian award-winning designer and creative director, Emanuele is an irreverent designer who lives and works between Italy and the United Kingdom, taking creative inspiration from very different places.

Emanuele is the creative genius behind dozens of our wallpaper designs, with a particular focus on unique geometric wallpaper creations that are highly popular with interiors specialists.

His Facebook page is a great insight into his inspirations and his latest creations. 

5. Lucinda Loya Interiors

Lucinda Loya was the worthy winner of the Mineheart Interior Design Awards (MIDAS) 2019. Her Houston-based Lucinda Loya Interiors is one of the most sought after design firms in Texas, USA.

Her award-winning design was an Italianate mansion that had been divided into a multi-family apartment building, typical of the historic neighbourhood. Her design embraced the building’s authenticity and brought life and personality back into the home.

Lucinda’s Facebook page is a fabulous insight into her working life and her eye for classic yet modern interior styling.

Lucinda Loya Interiors

6.Bishop Design

Bishop Design is an interior design company based in Ohio. The team displays a huge range of styling skills on its Facebook page across commercial and home projects. It’s clear that the designers have enormous versatility and create the right atmosphere for any space.

We came across Bishop Design in the MIDAS awards shortlist and they are doing impressive things! 

Bishop Design

7. Paolo Tonelli Design

Paolo Tonelli is an interior designer based in Rome. He is well known for blending all aspects of decor to create something inspiring - whether it’s wallpaper, art, fabrics or furniture.

He is also a Mineheart fan and has used our designs in many of his creations. 

Paolo Tonelli Design

8. Raspberry Flavoured Windows

We love Raspberry Flavoured Windows’ unique style. Rachel is never afraid to embrace a bit of dark decor, and her work really shows how effective this look can be. Cosy and classy is the way to go.

Rachel says that Raspberry Flavoured Windows is ‘for those of us who think life’s too short for vanilla’. We totally agree! 

Raspberry Flavoured Windows

9. Forward Features

Forward Features is an award-winning design blog by David and Mark offering the latest news, trends, launches, events and general insider scoop in the world of interiors. Their Facebook page is a great way to keep up with what’s happening in this space.

Forward Features

10. Mia Karlsson

Mia Karlsson is another inspirational interiors professional, based in Highgate, London. She came to our attention in the 2019 MIDAS awards as a finalist for her London apartment restyling - featuring our feather pendant lampshade. Mia has a flair for blending the classic and modern to suit all kinds of client briefs.

Mia Karlsson

11. Design Scotland Ltd

3 Design Scotland is one of the leading Interior Design firms north of the border, working on a range of projects from high end domestic residential to bespoke hotel interiors, theatres, bars and restaurants.

We love the wide range of styles this team embraces to create something different for every project. 

3 Design Scotland

12. Och Ach Concept

This Polish design agency is based in Krakow and describe their mission as to ‘design human-friendly spaces’ - a perfect goal! The team work in both commercial and private settings and are very talented at creating unique, stylish yet warm spaces.

Och Ach Concept

13. MOEM Studio

MOEM Studio are a dynamic design duo from Barcelona, creating sumptuous and artistic designs for hotels, bars, restaurants and wellness spaces.

Montse and Emma believe that interior design is a form of expression, with the goal that we never want to leave a space. The rooms showcased on their Facebook page certainly achieve that aim.

MOEM Studio

14. Layered Home

Layered Home is an interiors brand led by Lily Sawyer. Lily has a very engaging style and embraces every aspect of interiors to create something that really stands out. Her clever use of colour, texture and pattern has created a beautiful and appealing home.

Layered Home

15. Ayn Design

Ayn Design is a Turkish interiors specialist based in Istanbul. The company takes great inspiration from art and the world around us in creating its designs.

Ayn Designs’ Facebook page is a fascinating collection of images from the team’s many projects, which create spacious yet inviting rooms with a touch of the natural world. 

Ayn Design

16. Diff.Studio

Diff Studio is based in Kiev, and has been working with clients in many sectors since 2015. Their Facebook page is a window into their world and it’s easy to spend hours scrolling through their designs.

We spoke to Iryna and Vitaliy from the Diff Studio team in 2019 after they featured our Orange Pencil artwork in one of their high profile projects. Read the interview here

Diff Studio