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Shabby chic wallpaper - white panels

If you’re looking for white shabby chic wallpaper look no further. This unique white wood wallpaper will add a wonderful vintage touch to any room. The innovative design will trick your eyes that your room is lined with distressed wood panels. Intricate details make it seem that the paint is peeling for a shabby chic effect. It’s only when you get up close to the walls that you realise that your white wood panel wallpaper is fooling your mind.

This wallpaper creates the feel of classic yet ageing Georgian elegance. Its highly textured appearance draws your eye. White wood wallpaper is a great choice - the classic light and airy feel of white, with the added dimension of faux wood panels. Wallpaper has never been so versatile. 

Here at Mineheart we love wallpaper designs that create an illusion of something else. This white wood panel wallpaper is part of our extensive collection of designs that imitate the warm atmosphere of wooden walls. Our range evokes the feeling of stately homes and castles right through to cosy cabins and mountain chalets.

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For shabby chic wallpaper featuring planks rather than panels, see our white plank wallpaper or a multi-tone white option like the grey and white rustic panel design or cream wood effect panel.  We also have other distressed options like the distressed washed grey. Or, perhaps shop our panel wallpaper range. If you like wallpapers that fool the eye, explore our trompe l’oeil range too.

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Note:  Due to the printing process, colours may vary slightly between batches. Customers should try to order enough rolls initially, or if re-ordering must provide the Batch number. For help calculating how many rolls are needed please contact us with room dimensions and we can help! Please also note that images onscreen are not a truly accurate representation of print colour.

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