SAMPLE - Richard III Oval Rug

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SAMPLE - Richard III Oval Rug

Richard III Oval Rug is intriguing and beautifully crafted, machine woven and digitally printed with unique design using the same technology as modern carpets in order to ensure the highest consistency and quality. These contemporary rugs elevate your home with an accent and luxury look. Shop the Richard III Oval Rug here.

Sample Size: 250mm x 155mm

Product Info

    • Dimensions: 4300 x 2300mm
    • Thickness: 8mm
    • Type: Cut pile - saxony
    • Made in: England
    • Colours options:
        • Purple - Dark purple edging
        • Grey -Dark grey edging
    • Use: CL33 heavy contract / domestic
    • Customisation : All Tufted rugs can also be custom made. Please email for custom orders.


Cleaning : We recommend using a vacuum cleaner to treat the carpet surface regularly. If dirt is left on the carpet, use special cleaning powder or consult your local cleaning company. Because the bottom is a cotton cloth, it is not recommended to wash in the washing machine to avoid shrinkage of the cotton cloth.


  • Digitally printed tufted polyamide rug
  • Material composition: 

Surface: 100% nylon 6 twisting yarn / 2 ply
Backing : 100% cotton backs with anti-slip effects

  • Fabric type : cut pile - saxony
  • Product fire rating: EN 13501-1

Lead time : 1-5 days

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