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Pencil collection

Ah, the iconic Mineheart Pencil wall art collection. This is possibly the most celebrated design in our gallery, which now adorns walls in discerning interiors all over the world. One client in the Netherlands even had The Orange Pencil adapted into a mural for their home! Read all about that here.

 We think that what captures people’s hearts with this design is how it blends the traditional with the tongue-in-cheek. We call it Modernaissance - which is essentially mixing up classical and modern genres to create something totally unique.

 Mineheart founder Brendan Young came up with the idea for this cheeky portrait collection. In his words: "It was inspired by psychological research. In a study, people were asked a series of questions, with some participants holding a pencil under their nose with their lips.

 “Those that held a pencil were found to feel happier than the control subjects. So by using facial muscles - especially those that control our ability to smile - we actually feel happier."

 This is a design that always makes you smile. Today, there are a variety of Pencil wall art designs to choose from. The classic Orange Pencil canvas comes in various different sizes and the option of a printed frame on canvas or a real ornate wooden frame.

 The Pink Pencil is a black and white version of the same image, featuring a vibrant pink pencil. Again it’s available in a range of sizes and frame options.

 Following the success of the original pencil design we then brought in two new faces with the ubiquitous pencil beneath their noses. The Blue Pencil features a noble gentleman in his finery, while the Yellow Pencil is a black and white version of the same image.

 The Green Pencil features a more mature lady enjoying the sensation of the pencil clamp, with the Purple Pencil the monochrome version of this sweetly cheeky image.

 The Mineheart Pencil collection is a well-loved series of humorous wall art that complements almost any interior design - and will always raise a smile with your visitors


Pencil collection

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