The white sky XXXII

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The white sky XXXII Wall art Designed by Stefano Bonazzi 

The White Sky XXXII is a beautiful piece in the White Sky wall art collection from Stefano Bonazzi. It depicts a figure dressed in white sitting on a black block in a meadow. The character's head is obscured by a feathery black headdress. This atmospheric image makes a wonderful piece of feature girl canvas wall art. The meadow girl captures your attention and leaves you wondering. Are they the victim of some kind of oppression, or are they complicit in what is happening?

This artwork is part of the White Sky collection, each depicting a single figure in a lonely landscape, framed by a cloudy white sky. Stefano says of these canvas prints: “I think that surrealism, like a lot of art in general, is a tool to express a range of emotions that you would not see through more conventional means.”

Available in a choice of sizes to suit any space, this wing feathers print will add atmosphere and inspiration to your interior. It is a wonderful choice for 'girl sitting' art or 'girl with feathers' imagery. 

About this collection

Stefano Bonazzi’s surreal art canvases explore how body language, posture and scenery convey emotions. We look into the various artworks and their subjects, as well as the artist himself,  in this blog article

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The White Sky