The white sky XXIX

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The white sky XXIX Wall art Designed by Stefano Bonazzi 

The White Sky XXIX is a haunting yet beautiful edition in the White Sky wall art series from Stefano Bonazzi. It depicts a figure dressed in black standing barefoot on a craggy black rock. The character's head is swathed in billowing black fabric. This strange and striking black dress wall art makes a wonderful feature. In this black girl wall art the character captures your attention and leaves you wondering. Are they alive? Are they conscious? Are they resisting the fabric that is enveloping them?

This artwork is part of the White Sky collection, each depicting a single figure in a lonely landscape, framed by a cloudy white sky. Available in a choice of sizes to suit any space, this black wall art canvas will add a unique atmosphere to your interior. It is recommended as black wall art for bedrooms and black wall art for living rooms. 

About Stefano's collection

Stefano Bonazzi’s surreal art canvases explore dreamlike scenes with a poignant beauty and an air of mystery. For insights into the 16 prints in this collection, including this black girl canvas, take a look at our blog article.

Surreal wall art 

Explore the full range of surreal wall art in the Mineheart collection. When it comes to wall art, black is a dramatic choice. Many customers are pairing White Sky XXIX with other images in the White Sky collection. You might also like our range of Landscapes wall art or black wall art.

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The White Sky