The White Sky-XVII Canvas

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The White Sky-XVII Canvas by Stefano Bonazzi

In this surreal and dreamlike digital art canvas, Stefano expresses his ideas of the uncertain modern world. In this dream wall art design a girl dressed in white appears to be falling gracefully out of the sea and into the white sky below.

Her dress billows around her and although her face is partly hidden - something common to all Bonazzi artworks - she seems peaceful and calm. Stefano's vision of our time is poured out in to digital elaborations, exquisitely pictorial and softly hallucinogenic.

Stefano Bonazzi's poetic assemblages are created by using a combination of photography and digital art. Faceless characters are trapped in dream-like settings, where fantasy meets reality. This girl canvas painting is ethereal and beautiful, perfect for creating a calm and thoughful atmosphere in your home. 

This girl wall art decor is part of the White Sky collection. Each creation in the series features an isolated figure in a dramatic landscape, with a cloudy sky above. 

About the artist 

Stefano Bonazzi’s digital art explores a unique blend of reality and fantasy. For more about his style, influences and background and his other girl canvas wall art designs, read our blog article.

Dream wall art

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Product Information 

  • Size                   : (H) 71.1 cm x (W) 50.8 cm  x (D) 3.2 cm  / 27.99” x 20.00” x 1.25”
  • Frame                : Classic wooden Black box frame(3.2cm depth)
  • Material             : 280g Matte polyester canvas, FSC certified Natural Birch wood box frame 
  • Customisation  : This design can be customized to a maximum size of up to of (H) 127.0 cm x (W)  101.6 cm 

Lead Time:  2-5 working days.


The White Sky