The Voyager - Part VI

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The Voyager - Part VI Wall art Designed by Stefano Bonazzi 

The Voyager - Part VI is a captivating piece of surreal wall art from Stefano Bonazzi. The Voyager wall art depicts a mysterious traveller crossing a field of flowers. This moody, atmospheric image makes a striking piece of feature art.

The elegant voyager with his cane, top hat and equipment will capture your attention and leave you wondering. Where are they going? Where have they come from? How long will the journey take, and what is waiting at the end of it? Will their heavy diving helmet protect them on their journey? Our interpretation of the mood of this lonely figure changes every time you view this artwork. Available in a choice of sizes to suit any space, Voyager concept art will add intrigue to your interior.

About the collection

In Stefano Bonazzi’s surreal art canvases, he hides his subjects' faces - their emotions are conveyed purely by body position and scenery. For insights into his motivation as an artist, his personal background and the inspiration behind his voyager art, take a look at this blog article

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There is plenty of surreal wall art in our collection. If you're looking to pair The Voyager wall art with other images by Stefano Bonazzi, take a look at The Cemetery of Umbrellas, Flowers and The Migration Canvas. If you like voyage wall art you might also like our range of Landscapes wall art."

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