Dancer's Metamorphosis Wall art

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Dancer's Metamorphosis Wall art Designed by Maximillion

This image is one of two, that use the technique of mirror imaging in which half the picture is repeated as if in a mirror. This evokes the Victorian fascination for pictures within pictures, optical illusions and their gothic obsession with the human skull. The technique also brings to mind the Rorschach psychology test of the 1920's, in which the viewer has to interpret inkblots, and say what they 'see'. It is also a fundamental principle of the original surrealist movement that their art should be a conduit for the exploration of the subconscious. In 'Dancer's Metamorphosis' I see the transformation of a dancer to some kind of winged insect or bird - after all are we not all literally transmogrified from the basic atoms that make up all life forms?

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