Bursting - Limited Edition Print

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Bursting - Limited Edition Print by Himitsuhana (Edition of 7 copies from each size)

Bursting is a surreal and evocative artwork that oozes intrigue and curiosity. The aesthetic is sophisticated and mature with a sumptuous pallete of gold, bronze and royal blue. As the viewer of this beautiful wall art there is a certain amount of onus on you to interpret the meaning of the burst. What is it? Why is it happening? Is it the beginning or the end. There is a degree of sexuality to the image given we have a sparsely dressed woman knelt on a bed but the position she takes up and the almost aggressive nature of the burst confuses the sexual nature and creates a frustration to couple along with the intrigue and other feeling brought about by this amazing surreal art.

Himitsuhana started research in photography in 2007. She investigates the inner relation between photography and painting, and takes inspiration from the Pre-Raphaelites painters and Liberty style. She has worked as designer for storybooks, fashion and entertainment sectors. "I believe that photography is more than technique, it is more than having an expensive equipment. I am deeply convinced that photography (the way it means to me) is not the camera, it is the eye that stands behind the camera. My aim is to portray every single glance of the human soul and encourage people to dream and never stop believing in dreams."



Small: 50H X 70W cm

Large: 80H X 100W cm

Material: Printed on archival quality paper with a matte finish. 

Lead time: 1-2 weeks (This product is supplied by the Artist)