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Smoke 3 Wall art Designed by Stefano Bonazzi 

Smoke 3 is a dark and ethereal piece of smoke wall art from Stefano Bonazzi. A piece of naked woman wall art, it features a figure in black and white who appears to be dissipating into a wisp of smoke. Stefano explains: “This image contrasts the weight and consistency of the human body with the lightness and elusiveness of his soul.

"The postures adopted by the models are those of suffering, abandonment, defeat. The bodies are doomed to disappear. Twisted, kneeling, bent, curled up, they are consumed. Man is diminished, he is weakened. He is dying."

A high impact, atmospheric and beautiful piece of black wall art that will add intrigue to any interior, this dark canvas art is available in a choice of sizes. Smoke canvas art is popular with people looking to get naked wall art for their home, and particularly black canvas art which makes a bold statement in any room. 

About the collection 

Stefano Bonazzi’s surreal dark canvas art canvases focus on a chaotic universe where lone human figures are masked and vulnerable. For more about Stefano and his naked woman canvas designs, see this blog article

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