Wall Art With Frames

1st Mar 2020

Wall Art With Frames

Deciding On A Frame For Your Wall Art

There are a range of framing types available on the wall art prints at Mineheart which can sometimes become a little confusing so we have detailed below the various types available.


Printed Border Frame

Many of the Mineheart wall art canvas prints have a printed border frame - this design can cause a little trickery to the eye as it finely details and creates the illusion of a real frame surrounding the image but in fact is printed onto the canvas - just the same as the image itself! This is an example of the classic twist Mineheart adds to it’s designs, and is perfect for adding a playful touch to your room whilst adding the practicality of taking up less space and no dusting required!

   Lord Montague' Canvas  Madame Blush Canvas

   Air is not enough Canvas  Dame Giralda' Canvas

Ornate Wooden Frame

The ornate wooden frame is available as an alternative on the designs with the printed border frame. Taking inspiration from old english paintings that hang in stately homes and castles, this classic wooden frame packs an aesthetic punch and is great for living areas and communal spaces.

Still Pink' CanvasSea' Canvas

The Orange Pencil Canvas

Box Wooden Frame

Currently available as standard with a wide range of Mineheart art prints, the box frame is available in black - as seen on the Bubblegum art prints, white - as seen on the Submerged art prints, and a wood finish - as seen on the animal family art prints. This is a minimal frame time, popular for creating gallery walls or posing as a contrast to the wall it lies on. A narrow, minimal frame that doesn’t draw much attention away from the art itself.

Bubblegum Portrait -1  Blindfold 2 Framed Printed Canvas

Submerged-2 Framed Printed Canvas

Float Frame

The float frame is similar in design to the box wooden frame, however instead of directly encasing the art print, the print sits inside the frame with a gap between the edges so they do not actually touch, this gap runs the entire edge of the print and adds a contemporary touch to the overall design.


Cucumbers On Man Framed Print J'ai Senti Le Vide Framed Print