The ‘Velvet Chic’ sofa collection, luxury bottom parking

Posted by Mineheart on 9th Oct 2020

The ‘Velvet Chic’ sofa collection, luxury bottom parking

Mineheart brings you the Velvet Sofa collection. So why choose a velvet sofa? Well here we will state our case.

Velvet sofas are having their time in the sun, in fact they have been taking in the rays for some time now. It’s not difficult to see why either. Featuring luxury tactile fabrics that are perfect for a feeling of opulence, as well as attention-grabbing design and colour possibilities. Ranging from deep rich earthy black and greys to bold fiery blood reds and just about everything in between. A velvet sofa will never fail to be a statement piece in any home or any room, a striking centrepiece in any living room or a complimentary feature in the boudoir.

Mineheart Velvet Sofa Collection.

Mineheart has its own collection of Velvet Sofas coming to the website on the 16th of October 2020 as seen here. Two of which, the ‘Grey Velvet Sofa with Ink Flow Pattern’ and ‘Grey Velvet Sofa with Graffiti Graphic’ are designed in collaboration with Photo Artist Michael Banks who creates innovative, elegant, aesthetic and inspirational artwork for Hospitality, Cruise Ship, Corporate and Residential interiors.

His art has been described as memorable and appealing to the subconscious. With its fresh and intriguing look it provokes both thought and emotion, enhancing guest-experience wherever it is placed. Named as a “Tastemaker and Trendsetter” in the International Design Press, he has become a go-to artist and trusted partner to discerning Art Consultants, Interior Designers and Specifiers.

Velvet Sofa Placement.

Sofa covers and sofa throws will be consigned to the cupboard forever once you have one of these beautiful elegant settees sitting proudly in your room, great for smaller rooms sitting at just over 120 centimetres wide, 110 centimetres high and 80 centimetres deep so could fit into the quaintest of small rooms. Furthermore the 2 seater sofa shape is ideal for small spaces too with high legs and a low back. Naturally it also looks sublime, we love the fine craftsmanship and the no expense spared build. Personally we feel this stunning collection would be amazing in the bedroom sat with its back to the foot of the bed.

grey-velvet-sofa-with-ink-flow-pattern  grey-velvet-sofa-with-graffiti-graphic  grey-velvet-sofa-with-white-butterfly-on-nude

When it comes to placement perhaps you read the recent Mineheart blog post on Dark Home Decor, or you have seen the Mineheart curated Dark Home Decor selection on our website and have some interesting ideas already planted in your minds eye, taking that step into the often shied away from dark decor realm is as we say a brave and also bold move.

Things to consider and other excellent motives for going velvet.

Textures, creating an eclectic look and feel through texture and contrast is a great way to bring velvet into your room. You could choose tones that match, but switch up the fabric. This could mean pairing a grey velvet sofa with charcoal leather footstool, or adding a graphic print velvet sofa to your minimalist foyer. Share the ways you think of to introduce a new texture to your space.

Do you long for a comfy soft finish with effortless luxury, choose a velvet sofa. Soft tactile comfort and chic classy style… accomplished. Velvet and soft textures can take the edge off colder corporate or overly geometric curated spaces, turning them into more inviting places for waiting, rest areas or relaxation places. However velvet is also fantastic in a more organic, natural and casual environment.

If you are after a contemporary velvet sofa with a bit of a difference Mineheart has just the designer sofa collection for you. You get all the glamour and the luxury of a velvet sofa but with chic contemporary design that’s part of the Minehearts way. Despite the inspired eye catching upholstery and magnificent detailed frames we suspect these won't be for everyone but for those with a discerning taste for the unique and wonderful we see this latest luxury velvet sofa collection from Mineheart as a must have.

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