Valentine’s Gifts - with a Mineheart touch

Valentine’s Gifts - with a Mineheart touch

Posted by Mineheart on 14th Jan 2021

 Forget me not' printed canvas

Looking for a thoughtful gift for your loved one this Valentine’s Day? Do something different this year - swap the jewellery and chocolates for something a little more Mineheart.

We’ve pulled together some of our most coveted items into a special Valentine’s Gifts collection. Like us, it’s a little eclectic! But that’s what Mineheart is all about - unique items for unique people.

Here’s a selection of our favourite Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

    Wall art for your Valentine

Art is a fantastically thoughtful gift. The right piece of wall art can make you smile, give you energy and change your mood.

And, better than a bunch of roses that will be in the compost within a fortnight, an art gift will be on display in your home forever.

To choose a piece of wall art, there are a few things to consider:

1. Who the art is for and what will please them

Think about your Valentine and their tastes, hobbies and personality. Would they like something to make them smile, something classic and tasteful, something tongue in cheek or something bright and vibrant?

We have all kinds of artwork in our collection. For the wine lover, choose Air is Not Enough - one of our most popular pieces. It seems that Mineheart customers like a drink!

Air is Not Enough Canvas       Fire is not enough...' Canvas

If your Valentine is an animal lover, take a look at these parody animal portraits - the handsome Brother Stanwick is a real favourite.  And look at the eyelashes on Dame Giralda!

Brother Stanwick' Canvas        Princess Flaminia' Canvas

Dame Giralda' Canvas

If you need a piece of art to brighten up a certain wall at home, the room it’s in will help direct the right choice. Art for your living room or kitchen can be almost anything - our Modernaissance style art works in most rooms. Madame Blush is a popular choice for living spaces:

Portrait of Blue and White Butterfly on Lady  Portrait of Black and White Butterfly on Man

Bedroom art is often a little different in style. You might choose something calming and peaceful - maybe The White Sky XIX, or something a bit more sensuous like Masked.   

The Healing Framed Printed Canvas  The white sky-XIX

Masked Framed Printed Canvas

Art for your loved one’s office space is a great gift - especially as so many of us are working from home at the moment.  Make your Valentine smile with one of our Tongue Collection canvas prints.

Lady with Tongue out 1 Framed Printed canvas Man with Tongue out 1 Framed Printed canvas

Lady with Tongue out 2 Wall art

3. What’s your colour scheme?

A safe bet when choosing art is to go with an existing colour scheme in the home. Our Submerged range is a great choice to enhance or blend with an accent colour in your room. Its pastel shades of blue, green, pink and cream will fit most decor schemes. But if you have bolder colours at home there are plenty of other options - colourful, monochrome, even gold.

Submerged-4 Framed Printed Canvas  Submerged-3 Framed Printed Canvas

Submerged-2 Framed Printed Canvas  Submerged-1 Framed Printed Canvas

Ornaments and Plates

Another great gift choice for you Valentine this year is something from our range of ceramics. A sweet and thoughtful option is our Poetry Plate complete with handwritten love sonnet:  How romantic to see a little declaration of love every time you open your crockery cupboard.

Poetry Plates -Small Poetry Plates - Medium

Poetry Plates - Large

For something a little more vibrant you might prefer the Funky Undercover plate range blending the classic and the modern.

Funky Undercover Antique Plates

We also have a range of unique and fun ceramic gifts. Does your loved one have a penchant for French Bulldogs by any chance? If so we have some ideal presents!

Delft Ceramic Bulldog Black Ceramic Bulldog

We have more options for ornaments you never knew you needed. They take our animal portraits into the three-dimensional world and come in colours you never normally see on people’s mantelpieces. That’s what makes them so popular.

Grandfather Olaf figurine

Princess Flaminia figurine

Light and Candle Gifts

Candles are always a romantic choice, and Mineheart candles are luxurious in both looks and fragrance. They come in a variety of sizes and the scent options include cashmere, lavender, ‘oud wood’ and sandalwood.

Mineheart Candles

For a different twist on romantic lighting, how about the flirtatious eyes of our Audrey and Marilyn lamps?  Choose from a wall light, small pendant lampshade or table lamp.

Eye Doll Table Lamp - Audrey

Cushions, Bags and Scarves

In the UK there won’t be any candlelit restaurant dinners this year, so let’s home as cosy and comfortable as possible. Our collection of cushions will add a touch of luxury to your living space or bedroom.

Designs come from all the most classic Mineheart artworks and wallpaper - from Air is Not Enough and the animal portrait collection to our cloud and bookshelf designs.

Princess Flaminia CushionAir is not enough cushion          Smokey Blue clouds Cushion

Our clutch and laptop bags are perfect for carrying tablets, laptops, toiletries, pencils and much more. These make a great gift for anyone who enjoys the Mineheart look.  Choose from the Orange Pencil, Submerged, Monsieur Mint, Morris Dream, Black New World Damask or Grey and Blue New World Damask. Each one is made from fully recycled PET.


Our scarf collection is a great source of gift ideas. We’ve curated some of our best loved designs and turned them into silk scarves. 

Choose from designs based on our wallpapers such as the New World Damask and the Chain design, or full artworks like The Cloud, The Girl and the Grey or The Sitting Man. Each scarf arrives packaged in a gift box.

The Cloud The Girl And The Grey Scarf      blue silk scarf

  The Sitting Man Scarf


Enjoy shopping our unique range of Valentine’s gifts and delighted your loved one on February 14.