The Moderna Grid Stucco Wallpaper Collection

9th Dec 2019

The Moderna Grid Stucco Wallpaper Collection

A Stucco Effect Collection

This collection of patterned wallpapers in a faux stucco design bring depth and intrigue into the room, with out the hassle of traditional stucco wall designs. 


A mis-match of hues, textures and subtle shimmery areas available in 8 colour ways are the perfect industrial touch to your space.


Moderna Grid Stucco Wallpaper - Grey Green

A more faint texture effect for your wall, this bright wallpaper design looks great in a minimalistic setting with its mix of light colours and hint of silver flickers.

Moderna Grid Stucco Wallpaper - Light Grey

A subtle move away from a white wall, this textured grey design adds a touch of simmer with it's texture effect.


Moderna Grid Stucco Wallpaper - Brown

A stucco texture effect in a grid pattern with a beige-brown finish is ideal for adding an earthy touch to your walls.

Moderna Grid Stucco Wallpaper - Purple Lilac

A warming texture effect wallpaper in a light, subtle lilac finish. The small silver flecks within this design create an exquisite shimmer when it catches the light.


Moderna Grid Stucco Wallpaper - Warm Grey

Adding a warm touch to a historically industrial colour, this light stucco effect grid wallpaper is a great design to add texture to your room design.


Moderna Grid Stucco Wallpaper - Concrete Grey

A classic grey textured finish to your wall can easily be achieved with this design. The silvery patchwork of texture combined with a geometric grid effect will work seamlessly with numerous interior schemes.


Moderna Grid Stucco Wallpaper - Khaki & Midnight Blue

This deep and dark wallpaper creates a patchy wall effect in a luxurious way.   The gold flecks add a brightening touch to this dark stucco effect wallpaper.


Moderna Grid Stucco Wallpaper - Desert Khaki

A distinguished pattern in beige-green finish adding a hit of stucco effect to your wall combined with a grid pattern.