The Mineheart Portrait Armchair Collection

1st May 2019

The Mineheart Portrait Armchair Collection

Introducing the Portrait armchair collection, a series of carved antique style birchwood armchairs with printed velvet backrests of defaced classical artworks.

These birch wood armchairs have been lovingly crafted to produce this wonderfully detailed seat collection, crossed with the endearing Mineheart touch of the artistic back.  Each design has a unique image displayed paired with a luxurious complimenting velvet and padded arm rests.

Inspired by the traditional French Louis style arm chair these striking furniture pieces are upholstered with soft velvets and as always a classic Mineheart twist, incorporating vintage portraits with a graffiti element.


Pink Mark Portrait - Printed Chair

Combining spring feelings with pink pastel paint work is what makes this unique, digitally printed chair. Matched with a chic grey velvet encased by the subtle curves of the birch wood base finished in white.


Red Mark Portrait - Printed Chair

A vivid brushstroke of red paint conceals the identity of the lady within the portrait.  Framed by the birch contruction of this armchair finished in a classic white with a grey velvet covering the padded seat and armrests.

Blue Mark Portrait - Printed Chair

This bold design stands out with a vibrant blue streak of paint over a vintage portrait of a wealthy gentleman.  This wooden armchair is finished in a supple grey velvet and luxurious black painted frame.

Black Mark Portrait - Printed Chair

A more subtle, darker design featuring a woman defaced by a black streak of paint with red undertones.  This wooden chair is finished with grey velvet and a black painted frame.

Yellow Mark Portrait - Printed Chair

Striking yet graceful, this vintage portrait of a woman has been defaced with the colourful brushstrokes of yellow paint.  This wooden framed arm chair is finished with in a luxurious black paint with grey velvet covering the padded seat and arm rests.

Light Blue Mark Portrait Printed Chair

This elegant white wooden chair features a woman whose face has been obscured by the turquoise paint.  Paired with a soft grey velvet on the seat and arms, the wooden frame of this chair finished in a white paint.