The Almighty Orange Pencil Wall Art

12th Mar 2020

The Almighty Orange Pencil Wall Art

Large Wall Art With Meaning...

Many of you are already familiar with our little lady and her orange pencil, but for those of you who are not, we have created a gallery of our favourite customer images on ways to style the Orange Pencil Portrait and her fellow Pencil Portrait friends.


It started with… “I was reading a psychology book and some of the tests they did were asking people the same questions with a pencil under their nose and without it, and then asking them how they felt. It made quite a significant difference to the answers they gave. They were happier using their facial muscles as, by smiling and doing certain facial expressions, you can actually feel happier – so I thought I’d apply that to an old masterpiece.” 

- Designers, Young & Battaglia


As seen in the above image, you can create a massive impact by using this wall art in the largest size - perfect for living room art or other communal spaces!

Browse the images below of these modern wall art designs and get some ideas on how to style these art works in the home...


Credit: Diff Studio

Another take on the main image - a striking large canvas wall art!


Credit: Paolo Tonelli Design

 Having some fun! Talented interior designer Paolo mimicking the wall art design!


Credit: VDA Designs

A unique WC design, with a fun wall art creating a statement with a golden wooden frame...


Credit: Mineheart

 A large luxury art print to take centre stage on the Mineheart stand at the Spring Fair 2020...


Credit: Mari Concept Store

Working with other art prints to create a geometric gallery wall...


Credit: Sormeh Rienne

 A classic trio of art prints in a beautiful interior setting!


Credit: Ricco Home

 A minimal setting dining room with a large art work


Credit: Nadia 

 The colourful world of Nadia, featuring the bright art work: Pink Pencil with the golden/yellow 2D frame...



Credit: Off The Wall Interiors

 No nails, no fuss? Art work sat upon a side table can also be a great alternative to hanging on the wall!


Credit: Jimmie Martin

Wall art for the bathroom... The wooden framed blue pencil!


Credit: Ditta Krivarics

The standard size of the Orange Pencil woman placed into a rustic looking setting...



Credit: Jimmie Martin

A dark interior with an ornate framed large art print.


Credit: The Style Producers

A world of pattern and moody colours on this wall!


Credit: 0033Russ

A grand statement with this colourful wall art, a bright frame and grey scale image to high-light the pink pencil, used in a white, minimal interior - a great contrast!


Credit: Bowler Hat Interiors Via Tin Design

Wall art perfectly styled above the fireplace, decorated with some warming fairy lights!