Spring Decor Ideas To Freshen Up Your Home

6th Mar 2020

Spring Decor Ideas To Freshen Up Your Home

Spring 2020 Freshen Up For The Home

As we move forward into the sunnier days of 2020 people often move their thoughts towards giving their home a Spring change up by re-decorating or adding new colours and schemes, we’ve put together our top 5 favourites to do this Spring:

A cleanse…

Submerged-3 Framed Printed Canvas

A traditional start with a clean and declutter is a great way to kick start the movement and make the home feel fresher.

Make most of the natural…

Magic Magnetic Feathers Woodland

...light and air! Grab all possible opportunities to capture some spring sun and air the house by making sure curtains and blinds are fully open on those bright days and opening up the windows when temperature allows, to really invite in those natural spring scents.

Bring the green in…

Morris Dream - Classic dark green with colours Wallpaper

Having plants in the house is great for the eye and mind, and gives the home a real spring-feel.

Floral walls…

Back to Nature Coloured Wallpaper

All the craze at the moment, add some striking florals to your walls in the form of wallpaper, or if you’re feeling braze - a hand painted mural!

Bright yellow and sage green accessories…

Brother Stanwick figurine

Strange Fruit' Canvas

Or just any splashes of colour! Yellow has strong ties with spring with being a vibrant colour to one of the first plants to flower, the daffodil! Not to mention, yellow was the Spring Colour of the Year 2019. Whilst the mellow sage green has been nominated Spring colour of the year 2020.

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