SHAPE & COLOUR: The new wall art collection from Mineheart

6th May 2019

SHAPE & COLOUR: The new wall art collection from Mineheart

This 6 part series of new wall art pieces is created by the combined efforts of Young & Battaglia Studio with guest digital artist Kirin Young. The first look at the painting shows us a fusion of colours; a beautiful combination of matching shades, which vary from cool to warm and are set in various rounded shapes and sizes. The shapes discreetly depict a classical image, given a new perspective that awakens your curiosity and entices you to study the portrait more deeply. 

Once caught up in this melody, you come to recognise the real object hidden within the illusion of shapes and colours. This hidden picture could be that of a portrait, beautiful scenery or even a common object from a historical era. This vague imagery means you, the onlooker, can interpret what is then discovered in a manner which suits your mood and intellectual desire.

These designer art and digitally printed portraits are set in black real wood box frames of the size limited print of 66cm x 81.3cm with the names; Shape and Colour Lady 2, Shape and colour Angel, Shape and colour Couple, Shape and Colour Lady 3, Shape and colour Blue, Shape and colour Yellow.


Lady 2 is a young lady of the Victorian era set in pebbles of yellow, orange and blue. This is a combination of warm colours to cool; her face set in orange carries a serious look full of anticipation while the lower part of her body of bosom and arms is set within a blue pebble, which could illustrate her will for loving care.


In this wall art we come across an unusual combination of colour and shapes which vary between the shades of hot, cool and earth. The shapes and colour combination may create a fusion or confusion in the heart of the viewer and tries to illustrate the situations we encounter in the modern day. The angel set within the scope provides the viewer with hope of deliverance from bondage.


This pretty lady seems happy and patiently waiting with great anticipation, the colour combination of the pebbles in which she is set in stands to represent the many emotions she is feeling in her mind.


Blue: as her name speaks is indeed a portrait set within the shades of blue and grey, depicting a lady from a time long gone by. Her face is quite visible and has an air of mother love, affection, care and thoughtfulness - once observed deeper the viewer could recognise the real reason for this loving appearance.


The couple seen in this wall art comes with different expressions on their faces. The large pebble in the centre has a portrait of a loving wife or lady as the main figure of this tale. The male figure is set in a shadowy rear end with misty real colours. The lower part of the portrait has been set in blue and brown allowing the observer the freedom to interpret the meaning of this plot according to one’s wishes.


Yellow is a wall art which has been compiled of hand painted works of art taken from various scenes of life such as the old majestic sailing ships to the small boats, ordinary city life to the mansions. These various masterpieces set together in the fusion of yellows depicting warmth, cheer and happiness could lead the observer into a whole new world of the past where real life and strife mattered.