Saudade: The New Wallpaper Collection with Orbeh Studio

8th Jul 2019

Saudade: The New Wallpaper Collection with Orbeh Studio

A striking twist, the ‘Saudade’ collection of works portrays an empowering message in the form of art. Designed by Orbeh Studio.  The colour scheme of this collection includes vibrant warming colours on a white background and has the capacity to be part of any space. The wallpaper is printed on a hard-wearing smooth paper that is simple to install with no wallpapering table needed. The rolls are 10 meters long x52cm wide.

This wallpaper collection is a perfect contemporary touch for a living area or restaurant decor adding a touch of José Guadalupe Posada meets Diego Rivera, where they exalt the virtues and duality of the woman, the delicacy of a beautiful flower, but the firmness of a great weapon with the capacity to face any adversity.



“ A brave woman who has her family present, she works very hard for them. The flowers represent life and the fruit resembles your hard work.

Fighting against the adversity of being a woman in a society dominated by men. She glimpses her future, waiting for everything to get better. Fight for her and those she loves. It is a tribute to women, giving them their place.

The project was born from the idea of empowering women and highlighting their great relevance in the world, regardless of country, race or social level. It seems to me a composition that transmits a powerful message.” - Guillermo, Orbeh Studio



52 cm wide x 10 meters Long



Printed on hard- wearing non-woven paper from sustainably managed forests using low VOC inks and biodegradable plastic free packaging.





Mexican Illustrator & Designer, currently residing in Guadalajara, specialising in photo retouch... read more



Grey (below) 

White Saudade wallpaper 

Pink (below)

Pink Saudade wallpaper

Blue (below) 

Blue Saudade wallpaper 

Orange (below)

Orange Saudade wallpaper