How To Revamp Your Home Without Re-decorating

1st Jul 2019

How To Revamp Your Home Without Re-decorating

When you think of changing the interior of your home, you probably think about repainting, replacing wallpaper and generally completely overhauling your decor. But you don’t need to do this to give a room a new feel.

Parade recently shared some advice from brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott, who host renovation show Property Brothers on HGTV in the US. They shared some of their tips on must-have items for the home.

In the bedroom, splashing out on luxurious bed linen is a good move. Aside from meaning that you’ll have a great night’s sleep, you could also use this to help change the look of your bedroom.

This is especially the case if you’ve decorated in neutral shades. Choosing vibrant bed linen for summer and deeper, warmer tones in autumn or winter could be exactly what you need to take your space through the seasons.

The brothers also recommend setting up your own at-home gallery. Drew explained: “Jonathan and I designed a custom shelf along one wall, which is where we display keepsakes - a perfect and easy touch for a family-centric room.”

You could use this to showcase your own photos, or you could invest in some designer wall art to add a bit of personality to the space.

Much like with bed linen, you can also update your living room for different seasons by replacing cushions. Again, this works especially well if you’ve got a sofa in a neutral shade. This could also be a good way to test out introducing pops of colour to your interior - if you like what you see with the cushions, you could include it elsewhere too.

The Scott brothers also discussed how to introduce small changes in the bathroom - an open shelving unit is a favourite option among the pair. This not only provides extra storage, but you can also mix up the useful items with some that are more decorative, such as pot plants.

Last month, Thrive Global discussed how you can make your home a space dedicated to wellness and mental wellbeing.

One of the top tips is to make sure you have plenty of storage all over your home as this will help you to create a clean look and minimise clutter.

Another thing that helps create a space for wellness is a natural look. There are several ways to bring nature into your home, including using colours inspired by the natural world in your home decor.

This might mean cushions or throws, or you could use flowers to add a touch of vibrancy. This might be in the form of a vase for fresh flowers, or it could be that you embrace floral prints. But the news provider advised that you shouldn’t go overboard with a floral theme.

“Make sure you don’t use flowers excessively. You want them to add a nice touch here and there, instead of being the main decorative focus,” it stated. It’s also well-known that plants are good for our mental and physical health, so consider how you can introduce a bit more greenery to your interior.

Another way to change the ambience in a room without redecorating is to change your light fittings. LED lights are the recommended option by Thrive Global, with the website pointing out that these will save energy as well as brighten up your space.

If you’re looking for even more ways to bring nature into your property, the suggestions by Novinite might help. The news provider recently picked out a number of natural objects that you can use to adorn your space.

Among them are seashells, with many options in terms of how you use them. You could use clam shells as decorative dishes, for instance, or you could spend time collecting your own shells to use in your decor.

Minerals and crystals are another option that can bring a bit of nature and colour to your interiors. There are many options in this space, from delicate crystals that you hang in front of your windows to large pieces of crystal that work as decorative features.

The final suggestion from the news site is animal-inspired decor. This could take the form of pictures that incorporate animals, or it might be that you embrace a particular animal print, like zebra stripes, for soft furnishings like cushions, throws or even rugs.

“Zebra print and leopard print are among the more exotic choices, but classic black and white cow print can also be striking,” the news provider noted.

The best part about all of these ideas is that you can introduce them on a small scale before going all-out with bold interior choices. That means you can check that you really like them and have the option of switching up your decor without it costing the earth. 

Image features: White Sky art, The Cloud, The Girl and The Grey scarf and Little Crush Lamp