Eco-Conscious Wallpaper

4th Sep 2019

Eco-Conscious Wallpaper

For those of you following our journey to plant 28,000 trees in Africa, here is the latest!

Our trees are almost ready to be planted in Rwanda!

Rwanda's planting season only starts in November, we want to give you a little information about the nursery in which your trees are currently growing.

This project has a pretty specific, but effective, focus. Our partners in Rwanda are growing coffee trees to be shared with small-holder farmers looking to improve their income.

Coffee is a remarkably important crop for the Rwandan economy as it is one of their most popular exports. The coffee trees are extremely valuable to farmers who rely on them for their livelihoods, giving the trees a better chance of growing strong and healthy, given the farmers have a vested interest in their survival.

Planting trees that bear fruit or other food products is an important reforestation practice called 'agroforestry.' This practice incorporates the needs of a community economically and nutritionally, while also providing all the environmental benefits of trees!

Soon enough our trees will be planted in the ground, and we will be sure to let you know when that happens!

Incredible tree planting projects like these would not be possible without your help. Your impact on the lives of these farmers, the health of Rwanda's landscape, and the environment as a whole is immense.


Thank You So Much for Your Support

trees planted in Rwanda