Dark Home Decor

3rd Apr 2020

Dark Home Decor

Dark Home Decor For Dark Interiors

Dark interiors is a topic that can split the nation, perhaps you love it? Perhaps you don’t? Perhaps, you hated it last week, but now you’re on the fence?

Let us talk you through some schemes to include, dark wall accessories, dark room layouts, black home decor and some favourite styled photos!

Painting your walls a dark colour such as black is no half measure, luckily there are lots of paint visualising apps available on the market that can help you foresee what the room will look like before you spend any money on materials. It doesn’t always have to feel dark in a room with dark walls, see the images below where a dark wall has been combined amongst a much lighter setting and light walls, the over-all feeling being spacious and airy. Lovely!

yellow and black art print  black cushion

Images: @mydarkhome_ (left)   @agi_at_59 (right)



Moving one step on from painting your walls dark - dark wallpapers - there is an abundance of styles available on the internet in the form of dark home wallpapers. Whether you want something minimal, such as the Anthracite Black Panelling Wallpaper or a medium pattern design, such as the Black and Gold Marble Fragment Wallpaper or a heavily patterned dark wallpaper design such as the Black Geometric Damask Wallpaper - there are enough variations out there that even those of you that are on the fence with dark decor in the homes will be swayed…


bedroom wallpaper black

 A popular dark wallpaper for the bedroom the Wrought Metal Gate Wallpaper

If you’re looking for a dark wallpaper for the living room, perhaps the bookshelf effect wallpapers in either dark or black might work? Perfect for bringing those alcoves to life…!

bookshelf wallpaper

Dark Bookshelf Wallpaper styled by @mydarkhome_



A soft start to going dark...try out some dark home accessories mixed within a lighter setting to get that edgy-dark look within the space. Create a unique feel with the Black Owl Sculpture, or keep things chic with the Ceramic French Bulldog in matt black.


owl figurine

 Image: Black Owl Figurine


Mostly for decorative use rather than practical, but a warm glow within a dark glass is the king of ambience!  The ever popular King Edison range available at Mineheart includes a great example of this with the Ghost variation - the angelic little chandelier inside the smokey black glass bulb creates a warming and artistic lighting feature.


dark pendant lampsghost king edison pendant lamp

 Above: King Edison Pendant Lamp Ghost

pendant lamps above dining table

Create a stand out appearance with low hanging pendant lights above a dining setting.



A luxurious touch to any room, no matter what size and style you go for.  A deep tufted rug is great for creating a cosy feeling, even to the largest of rooms - such as the Black Kashan rug at Mineheart.

If you're looking for a dark rug that's a little more chic, take a peek at the Black Persian Rubber Backed Rug

black rug

Rugs can make great wall decor too!  See above, Mineheart's Japanese Repose Rug being used as a wall hanging.  Using rugs as wall art is a great way to add some depth and texture to your interior walls, don't just look for "wall rugs" - any rug can be used, providing it is sufficiently supports and looks the part!


wall rug




Dark wall decor is a great personal touch to a room.  Whether you are look for a whole peice that is dark, or just an art design with dark elements, such as a dark frame - Mineheart has a wide array of art print styles to fit what you are looking for.

black and gold art work

Still Life Gold Art Print styled by @sallydoessassy


dark room decor

Brother Stanwick - Stag Art Print Gold Edition styled by @raspberry_flavoured_windows


bubblegum art

Bubblegum Portrait 3 styled by @flawsomehome


portrait of a girl

White Dress art print styled by @bo__decor



girl with a wine glass art print

Air Is Not Enough art print styled by @victorian_money_pit  


framed art print

Bubblegum Portrait 5 styled by @maric_living




Styling your home with dark green accessories or dark green walls is a refreshing and therapeutic colour to use through-out.

moose art print

Lord Montague moose art print styled by @harrison_nate_and_me



Navy blue is a popular interiors colour scheme, very royal and oozes luxury.  Styled in two very different but both beautiful ways below!


flamingo art print

Princess Flaminia - Flamingo Art Print styled by @greenflamingo_anna



giraffe art print

Dame Giralda - Giraffe Art Print styled by @comedowntothewoods



Take a look at the Mineheart curated selection of Dark Home Decor