​10 new luxury wall art editions join our collection

Posted by Mineheart on 16th Dec 2020

​10 new luxury wall art editions join our collection

Today we unveiled 10 new canvas prints to join our expansive range of abstract and contemporary artworks.
The new editions form two collections from two artists: Chad Wys and Young & Battaglia.

Chad Wys Graffiti Art Collection

Chad Wys has created six unique pieces of contemporary art which blend classical and modern styles to create something altogether new and extraordinary. He takes classical images in sculpture or oil painting form, and daubs them with multicolour paint, coloured crayon and spray paint. The contrast between the two styles of art in each piece is enormous and full of impact. As you look at each piece you’ll find many thoughts and questions arise in the mind.

The collection includes two images featuring graffiti over sculpted imagery and four close up images of renaissance style paintings. Each one is enhanced with paint and crayon marks to give them a dramatic new feel. Because we can only see a section of the portrait or sculpture we can focus more attention on its intricate details, as well as the overall graffiti effect. Does the graffiti deface the image or enhance it? Or is it a little of both? 

Black Graffiti over Brown Eye       Rainbow Graffiti over Blue Eye

These artworks are available as framed printed canvases in four sizes - perfect as part of a gallery wall or as a standalone piece.

Artist Chad Wys is well known for his love of challenging what we find beautiful, and juxtaposing styles and blending the traditional and the modern.

Chad seeks to create art that has a sense of fun, while making that fun meaningful. He is a real Mineheart favourite. His modern take on classical artworks plays perfectly into our 'Modernaissance' approach to art. Based in the MidWest of the USA, he is an interdisciplinary artist and designer.

https://mineheart.com/wall-art/colourful-graffiti-over-venus-framed-printed-canvas/  Pastel Marks over Lips

https://mineheart.com/art/colour-zoetrope-over-eyes  https://mineheart.com/art/scribbles-over-mary/  


Orb Collection

Our new Young and Battaglia collection of wall art is a celebration of surrealism portraits. This series of four artworks features Renaissance style portraits - with a twist, whereby each subject's face is replaced by a mysterious blue orb.

Each unique art work, like many of our wall art designs, is an innovation that results from artists taking a fresh look at classical art to create something altogether new and fascinating.

https://mineheart.com/wall-art/view-all/orb-of-pleasure-orange-lady/  Orb of Pleasure Green Lady

In our Orb collection - and many other Mineheart designs - artists Young & Battaglia play around with the concept of portrait art. The question we’re asked is: is it still a portrait if you can't see the subject's face?

In these wall canvas designs, the faces of three ladies and one gentleman are obscured by an ethereal glow. As we view the image we begin to ask ourselves questions… What does the person behind the orb look like? Where has this strange glow come from? Is this still classical art, or a new genre entirely?

With many portraits it is said that the eyes follow you around the room. Well, that certainly isn’t the case here! Yet instead that eerie glow keeps drawing your attention back.

There are four prints in this collection: Orb of Pleasure Blue Lady, Orb of Pleasure Green Lady, Orb of Pleasure Orange Lady and Orb of Pleasure Yellow Man. Collect the full set and create your own gallery, or match each edition to the colour schemes in your home. 

Orb of Pleasure Yellow Man  Orb of Pleasure Blue Lady

This collection extends a running theme throughout Mineheart's luxury wall art range - where classical style paintings are doctored to obscure each subject's face.

Other examples include: 

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