Bubblegum Portrait - Lady

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Designed by Young & Battaglia

A dark touch in a bedroom or bathroom. A classic atmosphere interrupted only by pink bubble gum, key motif of the iconic Young & Battaglia collection. Perfect for sitting or relaxing legs, this pouf can be well matched with the male pouf at the foot of the mattress or in front of the dressing room closet. The lady has a more intriguing look than the Mona Lisa, don't you think? And she is more attractive than Leonardo da Vinci's creature because she chews a bubblegum: you won't find any in 16th, 17th or 18th century works! An ingenious stunt by Young & Battaglia, a surprising remix of ages and roles, of techniques and static elements that find immediate dynamism in haughty but sly figures, distant but accessible. It is the revolution of Classicism in the mix & match of poufs and Ottomans, footrests and canvases, chandeliers and seats. Original pieces of furniture: each of them dominates in the present, winking at the time it was. And winking at well-thinking people without ideas: creativity will dominate the world and will finally mark peace.

Size :38cm D x 43cm H

Materials used:

Fabric : 100% Polyester

Sponge : UK standard Fireproof sponge

Inside: Plate and solid wood


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