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Removable wallpaper is a temporary form of wall covering that is peeled and stuck to a wall. Mineheart does not offer true removable wallpaper options, but our collection of designer wallpaper is easy to install and remove.

Removable wallpaper is billed as a helpful choice in situations where someone doesn’t have permission to permanently change the decor in their space - such as people in rented accommodation or student digs. But it is possible that some removable wallpaper could cause unwanted damage. If it is applied to a surface that is less than perfect, there’s a chance that removing the paper could bring paint with it, or even affect the plasterwork.

Our advice is to find another way to transform your space rather than risk damage to any walls. Explore our collection of wall art, for example, as a way to improve your surroundings, or use fabrics and wall hangings to change the feel of your room.

If you are able to apply wallpaper in your chosen space, why opt for a less than perfect finish? Shop the Mineheart range by colour or by design to find the right look and palette for any room. Our high quality printed vinyl designs are easily installed - and if your taste changes over time you can update it as often as you like.

As a quick bit of inspiration, some of the most popular designs in our range include our panelling wallpapers, floral wallpaper, feature wall designs and vintage style wallpaper.  The feather wallpaper options are part of a new collection that adds an amazing sense of softness and texture to any space.

With so many options, styles and designs to experiment with, it can be tempting to update your wallpaper frequently. It always changes the feel of the space. Because Mineheart wallpaper is made with high quality materials, it is easily removable for you to rejuvenate your interior whenever the mood takes you. 

Removable Wallpaper

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