Explore the Mineheart collection of minimal design wallpaper and plain wallpaper for walls which need a special touch of luminosity and, in doing so, lighting your entire house. Do not think a wallpaper minimal design is synonymous with boredom or monotony. Quite the contrary, plain color wallpaper is very much appreciated for experts because its convenience: it is practical, adaptable and able to bring things which, although not easily seen, are essential. Some of them are light, a warm atmosphere, or a good base for enhancing other decorative elements. Moreover, they are never out of fashion.

This is particularly the case for plain grey wallpaper, plain white wallpaper or even plain black wallpaper. Moderna grid stucco wallpaper - Concrete grey is an example of grey minimal wallpaper, and it is clean and has a touch of personality which makes it simple and peculiar at the same time. On another note, plain blue wallpaper could be perfect for a bedroom, and the Eye doll small lampshade - Audrey would match with it to create the appropriate relaxing mood. And it would be a good idea to put a plain pink wall paper for walls which need a naïf detail, like a children's playroom. What are your ideas for this wallpaper?