Explore the Mineheart collection of teal wallpaper which will add a sophisticated touch of light to your walls. From the dark teal wallpaper to the teal glitter wallpaper, through mixtures such as teal and gold wallpaper, teal and silver wallpaper or pink and teal wallpaper, this selection will provide the happiness and harmony you can only get with this tone of greenish blue. Moreover, this wallpaper, as the rest of types you can find in the Mineheart store, are been made in Britain from sustainably sourced paper, under strict green standards

Classico paisley texture wallpaper - French green could be the maximum expression of teal wallpaper living room. It is classic but its discreet motif give it a modern side which is added to its clear look: glad, elegant and imperishable, the perfect teal color wallpaper for one of the busiest rooms in a house. And a black Cauldron pendant lamp can very well contrast with it to provide personality. By contrast, something more ornate, like teal floral wallpaper, needs something classic in a clear tone, like the piece of furniture Miss Chester bench, to balance the space. Now it is your turn. Do you dare with teal blue wallpaper?